The ancient fairy tale has lost its sweetness in the Caribbean

First, the mermaid is hooked on greedy American tourists. They would gladly have sold them dearly. The islander frees her and drags her into the bathtub. In his little house she loses her tail fin and the like… The young woman was cursed 1000 years ago by jealous people.

nothing is sweet “The Mermaid of BLACK CONCH” has jellyfish in her hair, fish lice on her scales, her waist full of barnacles. Let’s not talk about her bad breath. This is a wild, feminist fairy tale by Monique Roffey from Trinidad (photo above). About love without wanting to possess. About love when you have to let someone go.

“The Mermaid of Black Conch”
Translated by
Gesine Schroeder.
Tropen Verlag.
240 pages.
23.50 euros

KURIER rating: **** and half a star

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