Anna and the Bachelor spent a night together.  The other candidates didn't like it at all.  Photo: RTL

Anna and the Bachelor spent a night together. The other candidates didn’t like it at all. Photo: RTL

In episode seven, RTL Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann and the seven remaining candidates go glamping together. Stupid only when the bachelor sleeps away for a night – and not alone.

Stuttgart – How happy were the women when bachelor Dominik Stuckmann announced after the award of the roses in episode six that women were going to glamp – i.e. to glamorous camping. And that he and the candidates will be neighbors.

It’s just stupid that the bachelor isn’t in his new home as often as the women would have liked. And even more stupid that the bachelor sleeps away one evening – together with a candidate. This is then also particularly popular, at least until the Night of the Roses. Also in our quick check: why Jana-Maria not only annoys her competitors and why Franzi is quite shocked.

If only irony would help

At some point it becomes clear to the six women in the luxury camp: Anna and the bachelor, who had left on a single date a few hours earlier, will probably not return until the next morning and will instead spend the night together. “What a great atmosphere, I love it,” says candidate Nele, who is also Anna’s friend and visibly annoyed by the situation.

“It’s totally crazy to live here with Dominik,” says Chiara and Nele adds: “You see him so much.” Both allude to the bachelor’s absence of several hours. And the two are really warming up: it’s great that he’s getting to know her so well and vice versa.

Extra sausage for Jana-Maria

When the bachelor and Anna really only return to the other women the next morning, a candidate has to draw attention to herself again in the usual way: Jana-Maria. After a short one-on-one conversation with the birthday child Chiara, the bachelor asks the women to come together and take a seat, which – while he briefly disappears into his tent – ​​is also one of these extremely funny situations. In any case, Jana-Maria first goes to the women’s tent and, according to Nele, needs “an extra invitation” again.

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However, this does not prevent the 30-year-old bachelor from inviting the 29-year-old to the next single date. But the bachelor doesn’t like her reactions to it at all.

The “you dated someone else” moment

“Are you going on a date with me after Anna’s nice date?” she asks in disbelief. And Dominik: “What?” Jana-Maria wants to know whether he can then switch off and just focus on her. The other women are obviously getting on their nerves and the bachelor was “not so amused” either, as candidate Christina puts it quite well.

But the two go on the date anyway. And then she says: “You dated someone else.” Yes, Jana-Maria, that’s what this dating show is all about. In any case, Jana-Maria’s reaction in front of the group did not please the bachelor, he tells her clearly. It was uncool.

smooch? – No thank you!

And although the two get along again at some point, Stuckmann says, which Jana-Maria definitely doesn’t want to hear. she asks. And he: “No, I’m not in the mood.” And while the blonde says “okay”, she apparently realizes that he really means it.

The bachelor explains to viewers that kissing two women in one day doesn’t feel right for him. Tomorrow is another day again. Does it make sense?

Shock for Franzi

During their date, the blonde and Stuckmann didn’t just talk about candidate Anna. Franzi was also an issue – because she had more or less seriously offered the bachelor in the previous episode that he could call her if the winner didn’t work out.

In any case, the bachelor tells Jana-Maria warmly about it and she in turn confronts Franzi when everyone is back at their temporary home. A shock for the 26-year-old.

The sneak

And on the night of the roses, Jana-Maria goes one better and extends her elbows further than her competitors. In a one-on-one interview with the bachelor, she says she can’t stand it when the others laugh at him. Of course, RTL shows a suitable scene and makes it look particularly hateful with appropriate effects. “I take everything with humor,” replies the bachelor. But that’s not true at all.

The Forced Dance

The bachelor even finds it pretty uncool to laugh at someone. So it’s stupid for Anna that she does exactly that on the night of the roses – because of an unusual “dance move” by the bachelor. And because Stuckmann then wants to see if Anna is doing better, he literally forces her to dance. And that’s really uncool.

who had to go

For Emily and Franzi, the bachelor’s journey came to an end after episode seven. Emily and Stuckmann had kissed in episode five, but that came as a complete surprise to the viewers. Franzi had already suspected in the previous episode that she would soon be packing her bags.

Our favorite tip

Actually, Anna was one of the favorites of the season. It is questionable whether her laugher will still have consequences – or whether she will draw some herself because of Stuckmann’s behavior. Nele will most likely make it to the final and Jana-Maria is also one of the top candidates, despite jealousy and a need for attention.

In the next week (8th episode, March 16, 8:15 p.m. / RTL) the five remaining candidates get to know Dominik’s mother, and she doesn’t want to be in her son’s shoes.

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