Christina could no longer distance herself from her competitors Photo: RTL

Christina couldn’t keep the distance to her competitors anymore Photo: RTL

In episode eight of the RTL dating show, five women meet Dominik Stuckmann’s mother. One has to go immediately afterwards and the bachelor apparently wrote off another one long before the night of the roses.

Two make seven – Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann introduced so many women to his mother after episode eight of the RTL dating format. So far, the 30-year-old emphasizes that only two women in his life had met the bachelor mom; in the dating show it was the turn of five at once on this Wednesday evening.

But that is less spectacular than announced by RTL and the Bachelor himself in the previous week. As is so often the case, there is not much talk, or at least the viewer in front of the television does not notice. Only Anna steps out of line, sometimes asks Mama-Stuckmann a question about Dominik, so that a conversation develops that is less like an interrogation. Still, it’s not enough for a recommendation. You can read in our quick check who Dominik’s mother sympathizes with instead and why it quickly becomes clear which three candidates will advance.

gifts for mom

The RTL dating show is coming to an end and five candidates get to know Dominik Stuckmann’s mother in a row eight. Nele and Jana-Maria – the two favorites of the bachelor – are not allowed to talk to her alone like the other women, but are sent into a three-way conversation by the Rosenkavalier. To see how the two dealt with the situation, explains Stuckmann.

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In any case, Nele doesn’t hesitate for long and pulls a gift out of her pocket for Mama-Bachelor – “a Mexican heart”, as she explains. And Jana-Maria follows suit: with a gift for Dominik’s sister. And his mother. And his father.

For Nele it was “a bit strange”, Mama-Stuckmann liked it. She thinks that both would go well with her son, and she could also imagine Christina at his side. Whether the bachelor follows his mother’s advice in his subsequent decision or would have decided anyway is open. In any case, Chiara has to leave immediately after getting to know each other.

Date with outdated role models

At the cooking date, the bachelor and Nele briefly unpack outdated role models. He always feels so helpless in the kitchen, says Stuckmann and Nele replies: “Typical man.” The bachelor finds it “nice if the woman can cook”, even if he doesn’t need it.

In any case, Stuckmann then rows back even further and tells the viewers in front of the television that he doesn’t need a woman to mother him, but one who says “cook your own shit if you’re hungry now”. For real?

The one with the last word

“Don’t kiss so much,” says candidate Jana-Maria when she says goodbye to Rosenkavalier after her single date and thus – as is so often the case in this bachelor’s season – once again has the last word. Stuckmann apparently likes it somehow, at least after meeting the 29-year-old he can’t stop raving.

Some viewers should simply be annoyed, after all it is not the first time that Jana-Maria aka jealous drama queen openly communicates her claims to ownership.

The first pieces of furniture

Christina is completely different. The brunette has spent the least amount of time on the bachelor’s degree compared to the other remaining candidates. And although the two of them are already looking for the first decorative pieces for the shared apartment in a souvenir shop – which admittedly takes some getting used to – the two of them never kiss again.

For them it’s not enough togetherness, his thoughts are too much on the other candidates – and both don’t know whether the distance to the other women can still be made up.

The preliminary decision

The fact that the answer is “no” becomes clear on the date with Anna. If he evaluates the matter with Anna objectively, lists facts, then the other two agree more. But wait a minute. In addition to Anna, there are still three candidates in the game. Has Stuckmann forgotten one or just promised himself?

But at the latest when the bachelor says that Anna is “super uncomplicated” and that he doesn’t see it that way “with the other two”, the viewer can actually switch off. Stuckmann has apparently already finished with Christina.

who had to go

And surprise! In fact, the bachelor doesn’t end up having a rose for Christina. The 27-year-old wears it with composure. Chiara, who had to leave the show shortly after meeting Mama-Stuckmann, was more dismayed.

Our favorite tip

Jana-Maria has long played a special role in the Bachelor. And although Nele is also very popular, Dominik Stuckmann has to decide in favor of a woman in the final. And the choice will probably fall on the jealous Jana-Maria. Before that happens, the next episode (9th episode, March 23, 8:15 p.m. / RTL) for the three remaining women and the bachelor on the well-known Dreamdates.

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