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There is no doubt that some songs are meticulously crafted and painstakingly perfected. However one of the great songs by The Beatles, which Paul McCartney wrotearose from a very special dream he had as a child.

The death of the band manager

The song came to Paul McCartney in a very curious way and at a strange time for the singer. This since the Beatles manager Brian Epstein has died and the artist felt more and more isolated from the group while trying resume the artistic direction of the band.

Losing him was a huge blow to him and the rest of the group, as the agent had acted like a father figure for young people. Guiding them to success.

The Beatles with Brian Epstein

What was the Beatles song that Paul McCartney came up with after a dream?

Losing his mother in 1956 at the age of 14, Paul McCartney had always dealt with death quite difficultly. But during this period, his mother Mary visited him in a dream and gave him the beginning of one of the most beloved songs of The Beatles: let it be.

The track would become the title of the last album the band released and which Paul McCartney has regularly played at his concerts ever since. In an interview with Barry Miles for the authorized biography of him, Many Years From Nowthe musician explained the song conception.

“One night during that tense time, I had a dream in which I saw my mother, who she had been dead 10 years or so. And it was great to see because that’s a wonderful thing about dreams: you actually meet that person for a second; there they are and they seem to be physically again. It was wonderful for me and she was very reassuring.”

In addition to giving him a respite from the chaos in his life at the time, Mary also came

with some tips. “In the dream, she said: ‘Everything will be fine’. I’m not sure if she used the words ‘let it be’, but that was the gist of his advice, it was: ‘Don’t worry too much, it will work out’. It was such a sweet dream that I woke up thinking, Oh, that was great to visit again. I felt very blessed to have that dream.”

The song grew from there, capturing the moment the two shared. if only in the subconscious of Paul McCartney. So that made me write the song let it be”, continued, “I literally started with Mother Mary, which was his name. The song was based on that dream.”

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