The Boys already has its season 4: "We will be able to continue Butcher's fight against Homelander and the Seven"

“This is the first time in television history that the explosion of genitals has resulted in such success!”

While season 3 of The Boys has just been launched on Prime Video, the streaming platform did not take long to renew its drama star! A season 4 is already officially scheduled, after the renewal announced today by Amazon.

“On behalf of the cast and crew, we are so grateful to Sony, Amazon and most importantly all the fans for embracing the show and allowing us to do more! We are excited to continue the fight to Butcher and the Boys versus Homelander and the Seven. As well as commenting on the insane world we live in.” reacts showrunner Eric Kripke in the press release before giving a nod to the first episode and this giant penis that has caused so much talk:

“Also, this is the first time in television history that the explosion of genitalia has resulted in such success!”

On the side of Amazon Studios, we are also delighted:

“From our first discussion with Kripke and the creative team, around the third season of The Boys, we knew the series was getting even bolder. An impressive feat considering the crazy success of season 2, which was nominated for the Emmy Awards! The Boys continues to push the boundaries of storytelling while being relentlessly entertaining and weaving social satire that feels so real.”

“This stylized world of the show has incredible global reach and the massive viewership generated by the launch of Season 3 last week is proof of that.“.

We do not yet know when this season 4 of The Boys. 2023 or 2024? In the meantime, there are still four episodes to watch in season 3, until July 8.

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