The Boys season 3

“It becomes this kind of walking nuclear reactor. Which obviously makes it much more dangerous…”

Announced for months, introduced in one or two flashbacks in the first episodes, Soldier Boy is finally here in season 3 of The Boys ! The first of the Supes, sort of Captain America of the Prime Video series, made a spectacular appearance, which deserves some explanation. Spoiler alert!

The Boys already has its season 4: “We will be able to continue Butcher’s fight against Homelander and the Seven”

Presumed dead for years after an international mission with his “Payback” team went wrong, everyone thinks he was killed by the Russians, thanks to a weapon called “BCL Red”. But in reality this weapon does not exist. This is Soldier Boy ! He was secretly kept alive the whole time in cryogenic stasis. Showrunner Eric Kripke clarifies what is to him arrived in EW :

“Once it’s taken to the Russians and subjected to all sorts of horrible, highly radioactive experiments, it becomes this sort of walking nuclear reactor. Which obviously makes it much more dangerous, both for people and for superheroes because he can fry Compound V straight out of their blood!”

We indeed understand that he has become stronger, and that he now has this power of energy explosion which can also cancel the powers of the Supes! Kimiko paid the price, hit and seriously injured. She doesn’t heal herself anymore…

“We wondered what was the metaphor behind Soldier Boy” continues Kripke in Variety. “He’s like bottled up toxic masculinity. He locks up all his pain and he locks up all his trauma, then loses his temper and literally explodes. It’s the pattern of so many macho guys, who can’t express themselves. So they explode and in a really inappropriate way. He literally explodes!”


With a power quite capable of doing great damage to Homelander (Antony Starr). Soldier Boy would he be able to kill him? In any case, he has the power to reduce it to nothing!

“We need him to become an existential threat to Homelander”announces Kripke. “We looked at what would be the scariest thing for Homelander. For him, it would be just being an ordinary guy. So giving Soldier Boy those explosions, that kind of Chernobyl radioactive power frying Compound V in the Supes’ system (and killing the power in their blood), that’s going to make it very, very scary for Homelander. And that was really the point. And then in passing, we thought that Kimiko had been waiting for a long time to get away from her powers. So let him blow it up too!”

And waiting, the entrance on the scene of Jensen Acklesnaked, with a big beard, was very special for the former of supernatural : “I spent the winter of 2020 in the mountains of Colorado with my family, and that’s where my beard took shape.” he says, then detailing his first day, naked, on the set: “What better way to introduce a new guy to the set than having him take off all his clothes? Yes, it was a great introduction for me, on this set that I didn’t know, just in socks…”

A funny day of filming. Certainly as odd as when he was asked to cover Blondie and his 1980 track “Rapture”:

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