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Santo Domingo,- The director of the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (OPRET) considered that the cable car is a very vulnerable, slow, and fairly high-maintenance passenger mobility system.

The engineer Rafael Santos understands that this transport system is recommended to connect mountainous cities, which is not the case with Santo Domingo, although he said that Line 1 is important because it crosses the Ozama River twice, and Line 2 is being built in Los Alcarrizos is ideal due to its high population density and little baking.

Santos is of the opinion that the last government decided to build a Cable Car motivated by seeking a different brand from the Metro, to project its action in the sense of collection in mass passenger transport.

Interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral on the D’AGENDA program that is broadcast every Sunday on Telesistema Channel 11, and TV Quisqueya for the United States, the official says that by opting for the Cable Car, the past government stopped the execution of the Metro, to such an extent that when he arrived at the position he occupies today by order of President Luis Abinader, they found that Danilo Medina’s management had the intention of building a Cable Car from kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway to Los Alcarrizos, and they had their route, the money and contract.

“Everything was the Cable Car, so the president wisely, when I told him to get on here so you can see this and then decide, and decided to continue with the Metro as planned, because the studies said that line 1 had to be expanded as it is being done , and the 2 that we will start in the middle of this year, and that the extension to Los Alcarrizos had to be done, that is what is written and what had been studied”, explained the OPRET director.

He added that President Abinader ordered that the recommendations be continued, because the Cable Cars, the one that is made, has a little justification because twice over the Ozama River, it joins two distant sectors, but it is a means of transport to unite geographically difficult situations. , you go to Colombia and see that it is to connect one mountain with another, not in a field where you can do something else.

“The Cable Car for a flat city is not an adequate means of mass transportation because it is very vulnerable, if there is wind of a higher speed, it must be stopped, if there is an electrical storm, the service must be stopped, if it is raining, people do not have as fully protect yourself,” argued the official.

The director of the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation said that there are now some cabins that are very modern and that can work.

“And, furthermore, we are operating Line 1 as OPRET and we know the costs of that, the maintenance is strong, it is a slow speed, and it does not move that large number of passengers”, added the engineer Rafael Santo.

He insisted that the execution plan should be continued, as this government has done, and recommended for a country like this, between four and eight kilometers of Metro line should be built each government period.

He reiterated that this government is building the Los Alcarrizos Cable Car, and has a justification for it, firstly because the rooms were there, and the national commitments had already been made, and it had to be done, and secondly, the intervention with another type of transport in the Alcarrizos, as it is such a dense and poorly planned neighborhood, was going to have a lot of social impact.

Rafael Santos assures the Metro is an important and good project with one of the cheapest investments in the region

The engineer Rafael Santos defined the Santo Domingo Metro as a very important and very good work of engineering whose operations were very well thought out and very good.

“And logically, others define the theme of what the population says, sometimes without basis, that they came out very expensive, that they came out something, because the numbers that I have there are totally contrary to that, that is, the Santo Domingo Metro It has been one of the cheapest investments in the region, but for that there are other instances in the government that will have to do their job”, clarified the OPRET director.

He maintained that, in his particular case, he is a professional in engineering and mathematics and what he has to say is what he has seen and what he found.

“What we found was a marvelous engineering work that we want to give continuity to, and that thanks to the vision of President Abinader who has put in our hands that great effort to make that extension to Los Alcarrizos,” said engineer Santos.

He described the maintenance that has been given to the trains as correct, to the point that the supplier sold it 13 years ago with the condition that they undergo a thorough maintenance at 800 thousand kilometers, and today they have a million , 250,000 kilometers run, almost double, and they come to the country every three months to observe them and recommend that they give them 90 more days of work.

“We go with many commissions, from the French Agency itself, of people who visit us, and even in recent days a group of German tourist promoters visited us, and we toured the Metro, and when they dismantled they told us that they had never seen a Metro line so clean and well organized”, said the official with satisfaction.

He stressed that the country has acquired a culture of the Metro, to the point that “we even stop being Dominicans, we don’t speak, and when we go out on the streets it is that they retake their identity.”

The director of OPRET gave as an example of the good behavior exhibited by Metro users, that garments and valuables that some passengers forget, nobody puts their hands on them, and for this they have a department that stores them, and the authorities publish what that they have in good custody and people go and look for their belongings that they have forgotten.

He maintains that the train that is intended to be built on February 27 is the same Metro with a different name

OPRET director Rafael Santos clarifies that the train that is intended to be built on February 27 avenue is the same Metro with a different name.

“There is bad information with that, although it is not our institution, because another similar one was created that is developing the idea of ​​these projects, they call it the Santo Domingo Train, but it is a train under the ground, which everyone Metro tells him, that’s one more Metro, it’s another Metro with the name of a train”, explained the official.

He recalled that the word Metro comes from the mass transportation system that is built in metropolitan areas, and therefore it is the same one that is planned to be built on 27 de Febrero Avenue.

He said that these are types of projects that the country will be doing according to its possibilities, and to the situations that may be encountered.

“In any case, they are a mass transportation system that the city needs, that they must be done in the shortest time, that the capital city must be given the possibility of being able to move adequately, together with the superficial transformation that is being done with the corridors. ”, said the official.

He added that with the change of old units for modern buses that work in corridors, it can coincide with government advertising that, in terms of transportation, “we are changing.”

In another order, the director of OPRET said that the number of users who demand the transport service in the Cable Car and the Santo Domingo Metro amounts to 300 thousand people a day.

Regarding the expansion that is being carried out on Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro, which will take from three to six wagons, the works are already advancing by 75 percent, and the same will be done with Line 2.

The Cable Car a vulnerable transport system 2

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