The Carnation and the Rose: Batista surprises and drives away Heitor

Baptist (Luís Melo) will chase away Hector (Rodrigo Faro) from his family in The Carnation and the Rose. After the discovery that the boy set him up with Bianca (Leandra Leal), he will surprise and throw him out of his house.

Bianca and Heitor’s wedding will be marked by a scandal after the bride tries to run away from the church and it will not happen. Days after the incident, the young man will go to the young woman’s house and the banker will call him for a closed-door conversation.

Excited, Dinorá’s brother (Maria Padilha) will believe that the rich man will beg him to marry his daughter. “I am willing to forgive Bianca. I agree to marry her even after everything she has done to me.”will say.

“You do not have to thank me. I know that after everything Bianca has done, her reputation must be destroyed. I might even make some demands. I could ask you to increase the dowry, for example.”will speak Hector.

“Bianca will be talked about throughout the city. But my feeling is true, I really love and I marry. Now, if you want to give something more to thank me for my good will, I won’t refuse. It’s up to you”said the boy, smiling.

Batista expels Heitor in O Cravo e a Rosa

Nonetheless, Batista will surprise him and kick him out of his house.. “Outside! Get outta here!”the businessman will shout. “But what is this? Is that any way to talk to your future son-in-law?”will question the bad character.

“Future son-in-law, nothing. You are a bastard, Hector. Well my daughter did not marry you. You broke into her room at dawn to compromise her reputation and forced marriage.”will fire the banker.

“How did you know, Doctor Batista?”, will ask Hector, who will end up admitting the frame. With the biggest cock face, the boy will still make a proposal to the millionaire and try to keep his marriage with the young woman.

“At least you will agree with me that I was smart. But unfortunately now the damage is already done. Let’s do this: I marry Bianca and we don’t talk about it anymore”will propose the scoundrel.

Heitor’s attitude will revolt Batista even more, who will throw him out of the mansion screaming. “Get out of here or I call the police!”will release the banker. “Never set foot here again!”will notify the girl’s father.

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