The Club des invincibles: which former game show champions are participating in this new issue?

On the occasion of the broadcast of the Club des invincibles on Saturday November 19, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. on France 2, Télé Star reveals to you which emblematic faces of TV games will appear in this program presented by Olivier Minne.

After being launched on the antenna of France 2 in 2021, The Invincible Club will be back on the public channel on Saturday, November 19, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. For this new issue of the program, Olivier Minne will be in charge again. For memory, the presenter replaced his colleague Nagui to the presentation of the show. In addition to Le Club des invincibles, Olivier Minne has also played Fort Boyard on France 2 since 2003, as well as the daily game Tout le monde à sa mot à dire, in which he shares the screen with Sidonie Bonnec.

For this new edition, Le Club des invincibles will once again welcome several former candidates who are emblematic of the history of TV games in France. Find the greatest champions of TV games: Marie-Christine and Sandrine, the two greatest champions of Everyone Wants to Take Their Place. Grégory, the big winner of Tout le Monde a Son Mot à Dire, and Bruno, the greatest champion of the 12 Coups de Midi! Once again, together, they defend the honor of the Club des Invincibles, against the best anonymous candidates, selected from the four corners of France. They will give everything to try to beat them and win the 36,000 euros at stake!“, said France 2 in a press release.

The Club of the Invincibles: will the former champions of TV Games fall to their opponents?

The 20 contenders will first compete against each other. Only the best, the most cultured and the fastest will be able to face The Invincibles Club. Individually first, on the themes of their choice. For each theme they choose, the Club appoints its representative! After the three individual duels, the candidate will play his final against the Club des Invincibles. Marie-Christine, Sandrine, Bruno and Grégory will do everything to defend the interests of the Club and their honor. Who will be able to beat them? Who will win the pot in play? Will any of the challengers be accepted into the Invincibles Club?“, added the public channel.

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