The daring hot model who challenges Qatar with her presence: Without fear of being jailed

Astrid Wett is a hot model, influencer, boxer and soccer fan. As well as being one of the biggest social media sensations in England, she’s also one of the most controversial.

In their profiles instagram and of TikTok He usually uploads photographs where he shows off his outfits, his most daring dresses and also some details of his private life.

The young English woman became a trend in recent days, because she made her debut in professional boxing and defeated Keeley Colbran by knockout, filling her thousands of followers with joy on Instagram.

But in addition to boxing, he has a great love of soccer and said that he will go to Qatar to support the Rosa Team in the World Cup. But that raised a lot of controversy and concern for his followers. Mainly due to the restrictions at the World Cup venue, considering that Wett tends to wear very daring clothes.

The hot model is not afraid of Qatar

On her Instagram account, the hot model usually uploads photos in very daring dresses, in a bikini or in underwear and has said that her style will not change much during her visit to World Cup lands. In her profile, she has a little more than 325,000 followers who, every time she makes a post, fill her with likes and flattering comments.

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