The "death" of Twitter summarized in memes

The “death” of Twitter is coming, according to its users.

This Thursday, the tycoon Elon Musk gave his workers an ultimatum to decide to “get on the boat” or leave it. The problem is that, if they stay, they will have to redouble their efforts and dedicate themselves solely and exclusively to programming.

According to an email sent to his workers, the billionaire’s exact words were “you will have to be extremely tough to build a breakthrough on Twitter 2.0.”

This denoted that, coupled with the already overtime they work, their days look even longer and more intense in order to achieve the “success” that the owner of Space X also wants. This is because the new owner of the social network intends to focus more on social engineering.

The “death” of Twitter

Following pressure from Elon Musk, the brain drain, and strong rumors that the company is falling apart, netizens vilified the hashtag “RIPTwitter«, where they shared their memes around the world with the theme of what Twitter means to them and what will happen now that the possible removal of the application occurs.

Some sad, others angry, plus the strong critics who question the tycoon. Therefore, we carefully select to understand with images, the magnitude of the crisis that this platform is going through. Of course, despite the possible “death” of the social network, users do not lose their sense of humor.

After seeing that there would be an incredible brain drain, Musk “reconsidered” and tried to convince his collaborators to adhere to his new work plan. This led to his team accepting the mogul’s famous meetings where he was soft-toned and even “reconsidered” the removal of the Home Office.

Let’s remember that he planned to remove this benefit as long as his “successful” strategy was carried out in the shortest possible time. He wants to take his “Twitter 2.0” project to every corner of the Web without caring about the repercussions that it will imply for the social network and, of course, for the physical and mental health of its workers.

Is there another option besides Twitter?

Do not panic. We know that this social network is too important for Internet users. The memes let us see it. That is why we bring another option that has already exceeded a million people.

We talk about Mastodon. A platform that guarantees never to capitalize, respect freedom of expression, not fill you with advertising or tweets with suspicious and propaganda algorithms, in addition to providing vast servers so that you can accommodate the one that best suits your digital needs. As of today, they register 208 thousand active users, 1.9 million monthly active accounts and 6 thousand online servers.

What does Elon Musk say about all this?

We are a bit surprised by the attitude of one of the richest men in the industry. But the reality is that she is taking it with a certain humor. The direct communication that he has had within the same platform is very disconcerting, but it seems that he is taking up tweets, memes, as well as “bragging” about the numbers that the social network has reached.

In addition, he does not miss the opportunity to answer haters and serious critics alike who question his current performance as director of the company. We can only wait and contemplate the next step after the rejection of the collaborators who were given an ultimatum to decide to get off this boat called Twitter or continue with Elon Musk’s intentions to: privatize the network and reformulate it to the version ” Twitter 2.0”. What will be the response of Internet users once the modifications are completed? And what will be of the future of this platform?

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