The Descendants saga will return to Disney+ with a 4th opus

This time, the adventure will take place with Cinderella’s daughter and that of the Queen of Hearts during a space-time journey.

Last Tuesday, the Disney+ streaming platform announced that The Pocket Watchthe fourth installment of the franchise Descendants, would soon be released. On the program, 7 new songs and 2 new characters: Red, the “rebellious and intelligent” teenager, daughter of the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) and Chloe, the perfectionist and athletic daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

The No. 3 franchise – The Royal Wedding – left us on the union of the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, as well as the engagement of King Ben and Queen Mal. The end then opened with a bouquet of white roses painted red, in reference to Wonderland. This time around, in order to prevent an impending coup in the Kingdom – which is looming during the celebration of a new royal baby – Red must team up with Chloe to travel back in time, via the pocket watch of the White Rabbit, in order to stop an event that would have serious consequences.

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The director, Jennifer Phangexplains to Deadline : « The Pocketwatch features the construction of a fantasy world. Musicals influenced my creativity a lot when I was little and that’s what attracted me to the world of cinema. […] I jumped at the chance when I was able to create an intense musical experience, which allowed me to explore new themes in the Disney universe”.

Just before, the president of Disney Brand Television – Ayo Davis – said: ” Thanks to the captivating storyline [de Dan Frey et Russell Sommer] and the vision of jennifer Phang, we find ourselves on another level of creativity and imagination. The film ups the ante in terms of story, songs and choreography to entertain the youngest, their families and fans of the saga. We’re gearing up to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience on Disney+ “.

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