The director of Lilo and Stitch was frustrated by the success of Frozen

Eleven years before, he was already filming two sisters absolutely not looking for a prince charming for Disney.

lilo and stitch celebrates its 20th anniversary this month: the animated film by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois was released precisely on June 21 in the United States. The New York Times comes back to this funny Disney recounting the friendship between a Hawaiian girl and a blue alien. There is no Prince Charming in sight in this family production of the studio, on the other hand, the relationship between Lilo and her big sister Nani is important: it is the latter who raises the little girl since the disappearance of their parents in an accident. car. Pn finds a close relationship in Snow Queenwhere Elsa and Anna also lose their parents and find themselves on their own.

“Let’s be clear, I find The Snow Queen Greatexplains Sanders to the American newspaper. But it’s true that it was a little frustrating when it came out, because people said when they saw it: ‘Finally, a non-romantic relationship between these two girls’and I said to myself: ‘We’ve already done that! This is precisely what we have done in the past.’

lilo and stitch actually came out eleven years before the release of Snow Queen, and was already talking about sorority, but it was not so successful. The film by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck has passed the billion dollar mark in the world, where the first amassed 271 million. That didn’t stop it from getting good reviews, and inspiring a direct-to-DVD sequel, as well as TV series. 20 years later, lilo and stitch remains generally appreciated by fans of Disney animated films, even if it is not as “worship” that Snow Queen, whose popularity has been phenomenal. The song “Let It Go” for example broke viewing records at the time, before being recently dethroned by “Let’s not talk about Bruno”ofEncanto.

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