The feeling of "be worthless": Rapper Sido about his father

He always lived his life with the feeling of “being worthless”. “That’s also why I can’t be really satisfied with successes today,” says Sido. One thing he’s always lacked is a male role model. “What is a man? How does a man have to be?” He always asked himself. “I just knew it’s not like my father, one who isn’t there, it shouldn’t be like that,” says the rapper.

Sido found the last two years in particular to be very tough. “This hole that Corona tore into our lives and the time we involuntarily had to deal with ourselves,” he says. “Then came the ghosts that you could hide all the time with work and whatever.” Sido plunged into excessive drug use. “It’s very excessive, my ex-wife then drove me to a clinic,” says Sido.


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