"The Great Game" on Sky: A game with many fouls

Of course, it is no coincidence that the pay-TV channel Sky recently launched its own Italian production. Because “The Great Game” (original: “Il Grande Gioco”) is about dubious football deals – and that fits perfectly with the World Cup currently taking place in Qatar, which fans should boycott (for a clear conscience). Instead of Qatar versus Senegal, it is therefore better to watch the eight episodes of “The Great Game” in which director Fabio Resinaro sends the scout and advisor Corso Manni (Francesco Montanari) into a match determined by greed and lust for power, which is characterized by many fouls. This reveals the business behind the sport – unfortunately not entirely free of clich├ęs. Players are built up, sold at high prices or simply dropped. It then goes briskly through various dark sides, which often allude to real cases. Right at the beginning you see a soccer player abusing a girl in a luxury hotel. It’s a game of betrayal and interpersonal conflict, more Bundesliga than Champions League, but definitely a good alternative to the World Cup in the desert.

Info: The drama series about the merciless times of the transfer market in the football business is available to all Sky customers in the Entertainment Plus package on Sky Atlantic and on demand.

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