The man of our lives: is the M6 ​​series inspired by a true story?

This Thursday, November 24, M6 broadcasts its new series, The man of our lives. A tantalizingly cast psychological thriller inspired by several famous stories….

A whole new series is coming to M6. This Thursday, November 24, the private channel is broadcasting the first two episodes of The man of our lives, a psychological thriller carried by a beautiful cast. We thus find Jonathan Zaccai in the main role, that of a seducer with multiple identities who seduces women before ripping them off. In front of him, four actresses who interpret his “preys”: Odile Vuillemin (in the role of Camille), Flora Bonaventura (in Oriane’s), Helena Noguerra (who embodies Mathilde) and Elodie Frege (plays the role of Iris)

The series tells the story of Camille whose life will change dramatically the day she finds that the man she loves has disappeared overnight after emptying his bank account. The young woman will then decide to find him and will discover that he has seduced other women in order to defraud them. Camille will therefore do everything to open the eyes of her blindly loving victims. And together they will try everything to get revenge and obtain justice.

A series freely inspired by true stories

As indicated by M6 in its press release, The man of our lives is a fiction”inspired by true stories, some of which have hit the headlines like those of Derek Alldred, Christophe Rocancourt, Jacques Masset…”.The initial promise is twofold: on the one hand, a brilliant and fascinating con artist who seduces women to empty their bank accounts. On the other, his victims who will come together to try to bring him down”, adds the string. A plot that greatly pleased the actors, and in particular Jonathan Zaccaï. “I like to vary the pleasures and it’s true thatyou can put a lot of humanity into playing an asshole and a guy who hurts. It’s always nice because it’s play. We go back to childhood”, thus confided the actor to Télé Star. For information, subscribers to the platform somersault can already immerse themselves in season 1 of this new series, available in full.

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