The millions that Shannon de Lima took from Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony has a great courtship history, as well as a couple of divorces in his history. However, the one that was on everyone’s lips was his separation from the Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima. After three years of being together, they decided to go their separate ways and this sparked a never-ending controversy.

The relationship between the vocalist and the model was one of the strongest in the artistic environment. The snapshots between the two did not take long to appear in the media. However, after the breakup they were front pages of the news due to the abysmal figure that united them. A huge sum of money that was put at stake, and caused a furore among the fans.

In 2017 the couple decided to divorce, and everything seems to indicate that the reason for the dispute was due to labor issues. However, beyond that, Marc has a significant fortune that amounts to 80,000,000 dollars, and ranks as one of the best paid singers in the world. However, his divorce made a strong impression on his bank account.

How much did Shannon De Lima take from Marc Anthony?

In the first instance, Shannon De Lima took a sum of 3,000,000 dollars for support for three years. As if this were not enough, the model also kept two luxury apartments that are listed for about 1,500,000 dollars. Crazy!

Without a doubt, it was one of the artist’s most expensive divorces. Given this, Anthony gave him a series of rules to comply with.

First of all, the model could not remarry for three years after the divorce and while receiving child support. In addition, she could not refer to the relationship she had with Marc Anthony before the press or tell any kind of intimacy. Beyond the controversy, today Shannon has the luxury of being at the
steering wheel of a Mercedes AMG G63, which soon showed it off on the networks.

One of the most representative faces of the international show business, who kept a huge number of the singer

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