The Miss Marvel hero pissed off Kevin Feige for watching WandaVision on her phone

As an avid fan, Iman Vellani hasn’t missed a single crumb of the MCU’s advancements. Even while filming!

Miss Marvel, the new MCU series available on Disney+, has been available on the platform since June 8. It highlights Kamala Khan, a young 16-year-old superheroine, fan of Captain Marvel and interpreted by Iman Vellani. As the producer explains Sana Amanat at marvel.comthe character and the actress have a lot in common: Iman is Kamala, and Kamala is Iman. It’s so obvious at this point! Iman has of course brought her own twist, as she has her own distinct personality. She reads everything, and she’s a big fan. He’s THE fan. She belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Who is Iman Vellani, the young actress who breaks the screen in Miss Marvel?

So much a fan that she pissed her off Kevin feige, the flagship producer of Marvel blockbusters. Between two scenes, the 19-year-old young woman was watching films (from the studio, that goes without saying), and especially the series Wanda Vision on his tablet. Zenobia Shroffwho plays Muneeba Khan, says: She was on her iPad between takes. Wanda Vision came out, and as she watched, she was screaming ‘What ?’ very strong, she fell to the ground she was so full! I don’t know what happened, I didn’t want to interrupt him. But yes, she is very enthusiastic, she is a real fan! » Saagar Shaikhwho plays the older brother of the young heroine, confides: I’ll tell you a secret. Kevin feige was mad at her because she was watching the show on her phone! He said ‘It’s not made for phones! Watch them on TV!’ »

Series Miss Marvel is available on Disney+. Two episodes have been released so far. The trailer right here:

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