Paul McCartney in 1963

The popularity and furor caused by the members of The Beatles was, at times, even greater than the success of their music. To identify them, fans and the press gave them curious nicknames during their peak years.

However, not everyone was very happy with what they received. Years after having his nicknamePaul McCartney confessed that he always hated the nickname he was given and that it was an insult to his work as a musician.

The Nickname Paul McCartney Hated

During the sixties, each member of The Beatle was recognized for a specific characteristic. John Lennon was named the talented BeatleHarrison was the quiet beatle and Ringo was the funny beatles. For its part, Paul McCartney received the nickname of the cute Beatle.

For anyone else, this would have been the best compliment. Nevertheless, Macca assured that he hated him and that he never liked it when the fans or the press referred to him as the “cute” between the Four from Liverpool.

Paul McCartney in 1963

«I hated it. This happened: Someone would say, ‘he’s the cute one’ and I’d tell them, ‘no, I’m not. Don’t call me that. I hate it’. But once it’s said, it sticks,” said Paul McCartney in conversation with Howard Stern. “I never thought it was cute, I guess some people do.”

However, this was not the reason why it bothered him. For himto reduce him to being the “cute” of The Beatles was to minimize his work and talent and focus only on his appearance. “I can’t help but be cute” the legendary British musician joked about this nickname.

Interestingly, decades ago, George Harrison hinted that Paul McCartney was indeed the cute one of the group. In a 1971 interview, he claimed that Macca was the one with better luck with women thanks to “his good looks.”

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