The Oxford study that predicts the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The University of Oxford, known for its research, carried out a study in which with only mathematics and applying cold numbers, it announced the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Despite being British, in Oxford they were not at all kind to the England team. According to them, the English team will be eliminated in the quarterfinal round of the tournament at the hands of France, which has a 55% chance of overcoming them.

What would be one of the surprises is that the grand finalist is Belgium; selected that would finally manage to take advantage of the players of his golden age. And beware that the road would not be easy for them, since they would eliminate Germany, in the round of 16; to Portugal, in the quarterfinals, and in the semifinal to the already named France.

On the other side of the table, effectively the semifinalists would be Brazil and Argentina, despite the fact that they started losing. Both teams, according to Oxford, would meet in the round of four best. However, or more painful for Lionel Messi and his team is that, according to Oxford, they will suffer defeat at the hands of Neymar and his court.

In the end, according to the study by the prestigious University, the winner of the tournament would be Brazil, a team that has a 61% chance of defeating the Belgians, who are only left with 38.7%. If so, a great cycle would end at the hands of Tite. oh! And be careful with Iran, who would advance to the round of 16 along with the English in a group that also includes Wales and the United States.

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