The Princess and the Shaman: Märtha Louise & Fiancé have reason to celebrate

Martha Louise got engaged in June to Durek Verrett, also known in the US as Shaman Durek. After the wedding, Verrett will be part of the royal family, but traditionally will not have titles or perform representational tasks.

Martha Louise & Durek Verrett withdrew

At the beginning of November it became known that Martha Louise will no longer perform any official duties of the royal family until further notice. In doing so, she wants to help ensure that her own business activities and her role at court are more clearly separated, the Norwegian royal family announced in Oslo.

She therefore agreed with her father King Harald V and immediate family decided not to take on any official duties at this time. Harald decided that she would keep her princess title. Organizations of which the sister of Crown Prince Haakon is the patron, have already been informed of the step. Other royal family representatives should take their place.

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