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The plot about the rivalry that crosses generations of two Italian families is remarkable in O Rei do Gado. Did you know that some inspirations from this mess were born in real life? The real story of Mezenga and Berdinazzi is not the same as Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel, but it is possible to find parallels between the real world and fiction.

+Who owned the farm in the telenovela Rei do Gado?

What is real in the story of Mezenga and Berdinazzi in O Rei do Gado?

Not everything is like a soap opera in O Rei do Gado, which was originally shown in 1996. The rivalry between the two families took place in the 1950s and was based on the true story of the Mezenga, an Italian-Brazilian family from the city of Vera Cruz (SP). , who had a feud with the Japanese Haraguchi family.

A Folha de São Paulo publication in 1997, when the telenovela was aired, said that the plot of forbidden love by Giovanna Berdinazzi and Enrico Mezenga was inspired by the forbidden romance by Zoraide Mezenga and Tadashi Haraguchi. The girl would have challenged the family to live a great love.

The text written 25 years ago reported that Zoraide, daughter of Italian Federico Mezenga, met Tadashi when her car broke down on the road. There, in the midst of perrengue, the two fell in love and dated in secret for three years. And just as it was portrayed in the soap opera, the two ended up running away and getting married in Aparecida do Norte.

Journalist David Nasser was the couple’s godfather and ended up telling the whole story in the magazine O Cruzeiro, in an edition of February 1953, the year they got married. The two had children, Lis, Line, Liane, Linette and Paulo.

One of the couple’s heirs, Lis, spoke to Folha during the exhibition of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial, and said that their home had many cultural differences due to the different origins of their parents. “On the dinner table there was Italian and Japanese food. My father hated Carnival, my mother dressed up all the children. At home, there was a Buddhist altar. My mother spoke loudly and screamed from the window, she was a noisy Italian. It was a shock violent culture”, he described.

Furthermore, the girl said that the Mezenga and Berdinazzi really existed, but that they were not enemies. According to Lis and her sister Linette, the Berdinazzi lived in the area and even had a family tomb next to the Mezenga.

But how did this story inspire one of the greatest soap operas in history?

It turns out that the author Benedito Ruy Barbosa grew up in Vera Cruz, a western city in the state of São Paulo, and was inspired by facts to create his plots.

So much so that the writer met Zoraide and nicknamed her Nena, the name that was used for the character of Vera Fischer in the first phase of the serial, wife of Antonio Mezenga and mother of Enrico.

When she spoke to Folha in 1997, Lis was 43 years old and Linette 35. It was not possible to find any of the sisters on social networks to check how they are today and if they are still alive. Lis would be around 68 years old today and Linette 60.

Still in our research it was possible to find a school that bears the name of Zoraide, Zoraide Mezenga Haraguchi Profa, municipal school of early childhood education. The institution is located at Rua Dionésia Nascimento, in the city of Vera Cruz.

Now that you know the real story of Mezenga and Berdinazzi, remember the plot of the telenovela O Rei do Gado:

End of soap opera O Rei do Gado has reconciliation between families

In the last chapter of O Rei do Gado, after more than 200 episodes of much fighting and confusion between the Mezenga and Berdinazzi, the families reach an agreement. The forbidden love of cousins ​​Luana (Giacomo Berdinazzi’s lost daughter) and Bruno Mezenga (Giovanna and Enrico’s son) leads to the reconciliation of the two families.

Geremias, the only original member of the Berdinazzi family who arrives alive in the second phase of the soap opera, regrets the mistakes of the past and puts an end to the rivalry after discovering that Luana is his lost niece.

Afterwards, Bruno Mezenga and Geremias Berdinazzi are reconciled and the king of cattle has a son with Luana, who is named Felipe Berdinazi Mezenga.

bruno and luana
Bruno and Luana experience forbidden love in O Rei do Gado, as do Giovanna and Enrico. The real story of mezenga and berdinazzi shows a similar romance – photo: reproduction/globo

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