The rest of the world - Romance in Ibiza: this resounding event at the heart of the new season

The rest of the world – Romance in Ibiza, a new spin-off from W9, will bring new emotions to reality TV fans. A specific event is at the heart of the program.

New spin-off for fans of The people of Marseille VS the rest of the world. On Monday July 11, W9 will reveal this program dedicated to the rest of the world. It is indeed a program derived from “Marseillais vs the rest of the world” and “Objective: rest of the world”.

As with other reality TV shows, the launch will be done this way: W9 will first broadcast two new episodes on Monday July 11 from 6:50 p.m., then from Tuesday July 12the new episode will be broadcast at 7:50 p.m., after the replay episode of the previous day.

Laura and Nikola’s wedding will be the highlight of the show

While all the fans in the rest of the world were waiting for it, the wedding of Laura and Nikola, head of the RDM, will indeed be broadcast on the show, and will truly be at the heart of the program. This thus explains the title of the spin-off.

The wedding will therefore take place in Ibizafamous city recognized for its festivities. The whole RDM family will be invited at the event of the year, side reality TV. Love will be at the heart of the program, but of course, arguments too. Even if this happy event will beat the show, all will not be rosy for the candidates who have a habit of ‘clash’ between them. Their strong characters will, as usual, punctuate the program and create cult sequences.

Their nerves will be even more strained following on the balance sheet of the year that they will all have to draw up together. They will thus have to express themselves on secrets or buried resentments. Arguments guaranteed.

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