The Rings of Power: This is what the Orcs of the Lord of the Rings series will look like

Good news, they are not in CGI (unlike part of the Orcs of The Hobbit), but made up (almost) like in The Fellowship of the Ring. With some new things all the same. Here are the details.

Highlights of the saga created by JRR Tolkienthe Orcs are back in the Amazon Prime series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The series, which takes place during the Second Age, gives a new physical aspect to these creatures. They seem more frail but also more realistic than the first inhabitants of Mordor imagined by Peter Jackson and his teams for The Fellowship of the Ring. Lindsey Weberexecutive producer of the series, explains in a interview for IGN : “ There’s been a lot of discussion about what it’s like to be an Orc in the Second Age. It seemed fitting that they looked different, within a rawer, wilder Second Age Middle-earth, near the end of the First Age. When we discover them, they are not yet organized into armies, they are more scattered and they try to survive. It really is a different time in their overall history. »

The look of an Orc from The Lord of the Rings was inspired by… Harvey Weinstein

If digital technologies had been used a lot during the second trilogy, The Hobbit, no CGI in sight here. Orcs were made “in truth”. To give them this aspect even more real than nature, Jamie Wilsonhead prosthetist on the series, explains that he was inspired by the look of the Orcs in Peter Jackson’s first film, but adding elements that were uncommon at the turn of the 2000s: ” Times have changed a lot. Twenty years ago, latex foam was used, which is a kind of porous rubber, a spongy material with a smooth or optional surface. It was a good time. But it was just at the end of turning The Lord of the Rings when we made our very first silicone version of Gimli. After that he was able to wear silicone, but now it’s the norm. So the ears, the noses, their body parts are all encapsulated silicone, which is basically two layers of silicone with a removable piece of silicone in the middle, so that when it’s applied to the face of an actor, they can move and it works. Then you gently paint over it, much like makeup on a human rather than spreading paint over the prosthesis like we did before. »

The series will be available on Prime Video on September 2, 2022. It is set 7 thousand years before the events of the original saga and the Hobbit, i.e. during the Second Age. It will of course tell the creation of the Rings of power, but also the rise of Sauron as well as other condensed events for the series.

The trailer right here:

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