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The spider head at Netflix explains: The end of the sci-fi thriller is extremely dark

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Thor actor Chris Hemsworth conducts dangerous experiments on Miles Teller in The Spider’s Head on Netflix. The film adaptation of a short story starts relatively easy and always develops dark facets, especially near the end. Since the twists around the drug cocktail in Spiderhead (the original title) can be quite confusing, we explain the ending of Spider Head on Netflix.

Warning, there are spoilers for The Spider Head!

This is the first twist in Netflix’s sci-fi film: Chris Hemsworth is to blame for everything

Spider Head is set in a steel and concrete prison complex surrounded by beautiful nature. The prisoners enjoy some comfort and freedom. But that comes at a price: you take part in drug experiments.

Check out the trailer for The Spider Head:

The Spider Head – Trailer (German) HD

For this purpose, all inmates wear a box with several ampoules on their lower back: the MobiPak. Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) and assistant Mark (Mark Paguio) can use the app to decide which drug is given to the test subjects and for how long. At the touch of a button there are nightmares or feelings of happiness.

Drugs featured in the Netflix sci-fi film include:

  • Dark Fluxx: I-16
  • Love active: N-40
  • Phobica: I-27
  • Laffodil: G-46
  • Verbalucide: B-15
  • ?: B-6

One inmate is Jeff (Miles Teller), who uncovers numerous secrets about the true intentions as the film progresses. The first twist of The Spider Head comes after about an hour: Heather (Tess Haubrich) dies after her MobiPak is damaged. Meanwhile, unsupervised, Jeff finds three important pieces of information in a notebook:

  • A letterhead under the title Abnesti Pharmaceuticals proves that beamer Steve Abnesti is not just a little light in the company, but the (spider) head of the whole complex.
  • For naming the super drugs, Steve chooses one bingo card. That’s why the tormenting dark fluxx is called eg I-16. But Jeff doesn’t know one drug: B-6.
  • The third information is the drawing of a chemical compound with the letters OBDX. Jeff finds out what it’s all about shortly before the end of The Spider’s Head.

The second twist in Spider Head: The Netflix Movie Ending explained

Increasingly, Jeff is drawn in by Steve to participate in experiments on other inmates. He should decide who Darkfluxx, the worst of drugs, receives. However, Jeff refuses to expose Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett) to this horrifying experience. This is the turning point of the story. Jeff decides to resist and convinces Abnesti employee Mark that things can’t go on like this. However, Steve makes one big mistake from the start: he takes his own drugs.

The Spider Head

With the help of Mark, our hero eventually gains control of Steve’s MobiPak and, under interrogation, discovers the following grim information:

  • In reality, the inmates were given B-6swhich robs people of their free will and makes them docile: be happy, be scared, be horny, etc.
  • The goal was to even get people to do things they “would least of all do“, as it says in the movie. In the case of Jeff, that means: hurting someone they loveas happened in the car accident that haunts his dreams.
  • At the Names of B-6 it gets complicated because of the English and German language versions. In English it should be OBDX, i.e. “Obediex”, which derives from obedience (obedience). In the German synchro, on the other hand, it says something unwieldy: ODEX for Ober-Devot-Extra.
  • The problem: B-6 is not perfect, as evidenced by Jeff’s rebellion. That’s why it doesn’t have a gold star on the bingo card.
  • Jeff and Lizzy have already served their sentences and are theoretically free.

Steve uses B-6 to set the other inmates on Jeff and Lizzy, who flee. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth’s character takes to the skies with a damaged MobiPak. Not a good idea: Flooded with various medications, he crashes into a mountain.

What does the grim ending of The Spider’s Head really mean?

The spider head is a despite or because of its sci-fi concept Story of guilt and free will. Jeff is in custody for the accident for which he is responsible. But his stay can also be read as an escape from dealing with it. He’s pumped full of drugs from dawn to dusk that make him think hard. When he shows an emotion of his own (the feelings for Lizzy), he flees from it at first. He lets himself be relieved of the kitchen service so as not to develop a relationship with her. This too is a result of the accident in which, as is revealed later in the film, his girlfriend Emma (BeBe Bettencourt) lost her life.

Driven by his affection for Lizzy, Jeff confronts his past, defying Steve’s orders and discovers life after the accident trauma with free will. In the end, with the concrete cage, he leaves behind the prison of guilt he built himself. He lives on, with all the danger of wrong decisions that free will brings with it.

In addition, Der Spinnenkopf deals with topics such as dependence on medication and, above all, the desire to regulate one’s own uncontrollable emotional world through external influences.

The ending of The Spider Head template compared

Incidentally, the ending of The Spider’s Head is very different from that of the template. George Saunders’ short story Escape from Spiderhead (which you read at the new Yorker can read for free) moves in an even darker direction:

Instead of torturing Rachel (Lizzy in the film), Jeff takes Dunkelfluxx himself, driving him to his death. He finds happiness in that he’s glad he didn’t kill anyone again.

The Spider Head is available by subscription on Netflix starting today.

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