The Student and Monsieur Henri: That's what we call "dad cinema" [critique]

Tonight, Claude Brasseur will be the star of France 2.

Because of his failing health, Monsieur Henri (Claude Brasseur) can no longer live alone in his Parisian apartment. Particularly grumpy, he nevertheless ends up accepting the proposal of his son Paul (Guillaume de Tonquédec) to rent a room to a young student (Noémie Schmidt). Far from falling under her spell, Henri will use her to create real family chaos…

What’s it worth The Student and Monsieur Henri, rescheduled tonight on France 2? Here is the review of First : “It’s what we call “daddy’s cinema”, carefully crafted, pleasant to follow, provider of emotions immediately gone away (a smile here, a pang of heart there), also immersed in his a subject that is disconnected from its time. Either the story of Constance, a teenager from the provinces, on the edges, who sublets a room to a grumpy grandpa to study in Paris. On the menu: clash of characters played out in advance, nice number by Claude Brasseur, sub-plot with unexpected tragicomic twists and exalted life lesson, all against a backdrop of dialogues oiled as in the theater. After all, why not?

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