The Walking Dead season 11 finale Rosita

How does it end? We tell you everything about the conclusion of 11 seasons in the company of the living dead.

This time it’s over. Well almost. While waiting for the three spin-off series, which will mark the returns of Maggie, Negan, Daryl, Rick and Michonne in their respective spin-offs, The Walking Dead ended this Monday (on OCS in France), with a grand finale, moving and explosive. How does it end? We take this last episode point by point. Spoiler alert!

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Rosita, the final victim

A good part of this finale was devoted to showing the fall of Pamela Milton. As a horde of zombies descended on the Commowealth, the Governor was stopped by Mercer, who managed to turn the rest of the army around. To cleanse the city of the undead, which are now called “variants” (they climb, they break, they think…), the reunited troop has set up an explosive trap: they have exploded the upscale neighborhood of the city, right down to its foundations, with the zombies inside. The Commowealth can breathe and a year later, it is Ezekiel who has become the new boss of the finally peaceful places, while another part of our heroes (Gabriel, Aaron in particular) have returned to live in Alexandria… But not Rosita.


The young woman died after being bitten in battle, protecting baby Coco. “Christian Serratos volunteered to be the final big victim.” tell TVLine showrunner Angela Kang. “She argued in a really passionate way about how she thought it was the right choice for her character’s story, how bravely she would do anything for her child etc…” His death is a way of echoing the last volume of the comics, in which it is Rick Grimes who dies : “In the original comics, it’s the headliners who die. It’s the story of a life cycle, where they fight for the next generation. So you had to kill someone so important than Rosita to keep more or less the same level of dramaturgy. It resonates symbolically with comics.”

negan redemption

In addition to Rosita, it is Luke and Jules, two very secondary characters, who were also devoured during this finale. No other major characters were killed off. At the same time, with the spin-offs already announced, we knew that Maggie and Negan, for example, were going to get away with it. It is not yet known how they will end up together in Manhattan, in DeadCity, but they at least managed to burst the abscess during this final. The former Savior at bat issued a sincere apology to Glenn’s widow. She accepted them, even if she admits that she will never be able to forgive. Suddenly, Negan leaves, in this last episode, certainly to start a new life with Annie and their baby. But he is at peace with himself and his redemption is complete: “We always had the idea of ​​keeping Annie alive so that she and the baby would be a possibility for the future of Negan. Now, the next series will take care of them…

The Walking Dead, season 11

Daryl goes off alone on a motorbike

Daryl Dixon also will return, in its own series. In the final moments of this last episode, when calm has returned to the area and Judith, RJ and their friends are happy and safe, the biker decides to go off, solo, in search of Rick and Michonne. “That was always our plan for him.” continues Angela Kang, which suggests he was originally going to go away with Carol, before Melissa McBride dropped out of the spin-off. Carol therefore remains at the Commowealth, as Ezekiel’s second. Daryl goes on an adventure on his own. Without Carol. Neither Connie. “You get a happy ending too, you know?” Judith told him. But no, no romance for the biker.

walking dead season 11 daryl

In 11 seasons, despite his flirtations right and left (with Beth in particular and Leah more recently), we have never really seen Daryl in a relationship with someone. “Yes, there was a little thing with Connie” ensures the showrunner. “But that ship went…The story we had planned for Connie changed when Lauren Ridloff went to do a Marvel movie (The Eternals), to be honest. That was a while ago…Sometimes , when things like that happen, the path changes. So we could have tipped (in a love story), if she hadn’t been absent for a large part of the story…”

Rick and Michonne were at the party

It remains to be seen if Daryl will be able to find Rick and Michonne before landing in Paris… In any case, we found them! After two years away from The Walking Dead, Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln returned to the series, in a small final scene, as a prelude to their own already announced miniseries.

walking dead season 11Rick

“From the first discussions about the end of the series, I told the network and the producers that this finale would not be complete if we did not bring Rick and Michonne back in one way or another. I knew that it was not entirely up to me, but it was my wish“reveals Angela Kang. “And then it took many, many months for everything to materialize…”

In the end, we saw that Rick was stuck on the other side of the country, held prisoner by the Civil Republic Army. The famous CRM – extensively explained in WorldBeyond – prevents Rick from returning home. Obviously, he tries as much as he can, to find his daughter and his son. But each time, a helicopter brings him back. Michonne, she roams the American countryside on horseback, cutting off zombie heads at all costs, hoping to get her hands on her man. But after several years of research, it still seems far from the mark… Fortunately, The Walking Dead will also end this story. Rick and Michonne will eventually find each other.

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