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The last scene of the finale deserves some explanation.

As we might have hoped – all the more so with the announcement of the mini-series which will be dedicated to them – The Walking Dead couldn’t end without Rick and Michonne. Spoiler alert!

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira made their return in the final sequence of the original series. A come back sequence filmed last August, four months after the end of the production of season 11. The whole team brought out the cameras on the side of the historic set of The Walking Dead in Senoia, Georgia for a two-day shoot. This is the director and producer, Greg Nicotero, who confides in EW insisting on using the historic set of the show to film this special sequence.

The Walking Dead: the end of the series explained

“We didn’t have a lot of time to film so we focused on what is said in the background”, explains Nicotero, specifying that Andrew Lincoln spent a week at his home in Los Angeles “to peel this last sequence and prepare it as well as possible.”

The idea of ​​bringing Rick and Michonne back was on showrunner Angela Kang’s mind from the start of the final season: “I told everyone that the end of the series wouldn’t be complete without them.” However, their return should not overshadow everything else. It was not necessary that “Rick and Michonne arrive to save everyone”, resumes Nicotero. “We didn’t want that to detract from the narrative set up over the past two seasons, or the other characters. So we talked for a long time to find out how it was going to happen…”


This is Scott Gimple, the franchise supervisor and future showrunner of the upcoming series. rick and michonne, who took the initiative to write the scene in question. “We had to show the circumstances they are in right now. It was necessary to show if they were alive or dead, to show that they are still part of this unbreakable family. The right way to integrate them was not to have them show up at the gates of the Commonwealth or Alexandria. It was showing how they are still emotionally connected through this idea: “We are the ones who live”.

But then concretely, where is Rick? The last sequence suggests that he is part of the CRM and cannot escape. “You have been located and must surrender. Come on Rick. She already told you: there is no escape for the living!launches the helicopter of the group which will bring him back to the city of the Civic Republic Military. What city? Scott Gimple does not want to say it yet but he points the finger: “VYou saw that black helicopter. We know the helicopter belongs to the CRM. It’s even written on Rick’s jacket. People can extrapolate from that…”

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We understand that it must be the city that was shown at the end of WorldBeyond. It was then Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If Rick is there, he’s not that far from Judith and RJ. Scott Gimple seems to validate this theory and talks about “the horizon linen” that we see, showing the buildings of the city. “From that, we can detect where it is. People have seen that skyline before… It’s been referenced before in the saga. I think people can make the connection.“So it would be Philadelphia.

So close, so far… On the verge of being apprehended again by the CRM, Rick has been stuck for years and can’t manage to find his children. Certainly he cries about it every night. But in this final scene, he displays a strange smile: “Rick still has a fight in him“, analyzes Scott Gimple. “Rick ain’t broke yet“. That’s what this little grin shows. “Rick is defiant. And so is Michonne. They are people who draw their strength from this continuum of love that they have created out of nothing. Rick is completely fucked up there and yet he smiles, because he has there’s still a fight inside of him, and he’s not giving up yet. It’s the same thing that gives Michonne that strength to go after that herd of walkers. And it also gives Judith the strength to watch to the future…”

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