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For “inappropriate behavior”. The ex-child star should direct the new edition of the cult series

from Michael Huber

If anyone put a face to harmlessness, then it was – at least for those who were children or their parents around 1990 – Fred Savage: The US actor, born in 1976, embodied the teenager Kevin Arnold from 1988 to 1993 in the series ” Wonderful Years”, in the original “The Wonder Years”. Countless young people around the world watched him make friends and find love.

But now Savage, who switched behind the camera after his child star career, has fallen: Disney-owned production company 20th Television has terminated his employment as director and executive producer of the new edition of “The Wonder Years” because of “inappropriate behavior “, as the magazine Deadline first reported. A second season was to be filmed for the reboot – again set in the US in the 1960s but centered on an African American family.


It was initially unclear exactly what allegations were made against Savage. US media reports that the star is said to have become verbally abusive on the set and possibly abusive.

Similar allegations surfaced in 2018, when a costume designer filed a lawsuit against Savage, alleging he creates a “toxic work environment” on the set of The Grinder, in which he played a lawyer alongside ex-80s idol Rob Lowe. have created. The matter was settled out of court.

Harassment allegations were also said to have played a role in the origin of the original The Wonder Years: In 1993, a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against Savage and Jason Hervey, who played Kevin’s brother Wayne on the series. Alley Mills, who embodied the mother of the two in the series, made this public in 2018 and spoke of “ridiculous allegations”.

fine line

Who decides what is “ridiculous” is a growing hot topic in show business, as illustrated by the case of actor Frank Langella, who was cast in “The Fall of the House of Usher,” a Netflix miniseries based on the tale by Edgar Allan Poe, who play the lead role, was fired in April.

The reason for this was that in a love scene, Langella had touched the legs of his co-actress, who portrays his wife in the story. Apparently, this had not been agreed upon and was taken as an assault.

In an open letter, Langella now defended herself. “I lost a role and a chance to make money in the future,” he wrote. “Most importantly, my reputation was destroyed. This humiliation is, in my view, the true definition of unacceptable behavior.”

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