These are the strict conditions that Shakira put on Gerard Piqué

The separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué is getting worse and worse. Everything indicates that it will not improve in the short term. Both are in discussions about how they will handle the issue in the coming months, and it seems that it is the singer who is calling the shots.

According to what transpired, Shakira set strict conditions for her interactions with Piqué. In the first place, she asked the soccer player to meet at the house they shared in Barcelona to talk about how they will act to avoid more scandals. According to what was said by the journalist Elisa Beristain, the Colombian, she is setting conditions so that the news of her separation loses weight in the media.

Other strict conditions

Another of the strict conditions that were stipulated in the couple’s meeting is that neither she nor Gerard Piqué should be shown in public or on social networks with other people (whether male or female) until a considerable amount of time has passed. “The 22-year-old woman with whom she walks and who works in Piqué’s companies cannot be photographed without his consent,” the journalist reported, referring to the young stewardess with whom she would have been unfaithful.

In addition to this, neither Shakira nor Piqué will be able to share indecent or risqué photographs on their social networks. In fact, it was stipulated that the ideal was to publish only family images: “where they show themselves as respectful and loving parents.” They will also be prohibited from attacking and speaking ill of each other, both for the sake of their reputations, and for Sasha and Milan, the children they have.

Finally, the journalist assured that Shakira She is doing immigration paperwork and looking for schools to move in with her children. Some believe that she could return to her native Colombia, while others think that the singer could go to Miami, where she has a mansion. “Shakira bought this mansion when she was dating the Argentine Antonio de la Rúa, she bought it when they were together, but she fell in love with Piqué and went to Barcelona and left this little house that is very expensive”.

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