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After this week the unfortunate news of a new shooting in the United States, Paramore decided to publish a statement to commemorate the members of the cLGBTQ+ community who were killed in this unfortunate tragedy.

Paramore’s heartbreaking statement after the Colorado Springs shooting

Paramore shared their reactions to the recent shooting that there was a nightclub in Colorado Springs (United States). which left five people dead and 25 injured last November 19.

Following the attack at Club Q LGBTQ+, the band shared a statement on their social media. The post begins as a reply to “when someone says that moments should not be politicized”.

Hate and prejudice against any marginalized group is historically political”. The statement Paramore wrote about the shooting continues. “And did you think that these prejudices stop at the polls? It is a scenario type ‘The hen or the egg’. The shit we bring to our respective stands resonates forever. Either you are perpetuating love, or you are perpetuating hate. Anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric is hate, whether in politics or in conversation that one has in the locker room”.

“Politicians and other powerful people have a choice. Like walk into a nightclub full of human beings and take their lives, it was a choice in favor of hate. If you spew hate and it echoes, expect an infinite number of possible outcomes. Including people who come to the conclusion that maybe it’s time to start holding accountable people for the way they use their power to divide and normalize hate.”

The post concluded with the following. “Our hearts they are with the entire community in Colorado Springs. The LGBTQIA+ community and the families and friends who have lost valuable people who are more than a simple number or headline”.

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