They dictate a year of coercion against a man who killed a couple in Santiago Rodríguez

SANTIAGO RODRIGUEZ .- The Judge of the Permanent Attention Service Office of the judicial district of this province, ordered one year of preventive detention, as a measure of coercion, against the suspended director of the Industry and commerce ministry Carlos Juan Rodríguez García, for the shooting death of a married couple and the wounding of two others in Santiago Rodríguez.

The measure was known by Judge Wanda Vargas, in the midst of a crowd that came to demand that justice be done against Rodríguez García, who is accused of shooting at an entertainment establishment in Sabaneta, in Villa Los Almácigos.

With the same provision, it was arranged that the prevented person completes the year in prison in the prison of the new penitentiary model of the city of Mao, Valverde province.

The official is accused of killing Juan de los Santos Peralta Barrientos, 36, and Marielis Anabel Vargas Villalona, ​​27, as well as seriously injuring Erlin Alberto Gómez Rodríguez and Edward de Jesús Espinal Fernández.

The Public Ministry granted the legal classification of criminal for having incurred in the violation of articles 2, 309, 295, 304, of the Dominican Penal Code, which typifies blows and wounds as aggravated homicide.

The defendant also incurred in the violation of articles 66, 67 and 86, of Law 631-16, which typifies the crime of Illegal Carrying and Possession of Weapons, to the detriment of the victims and the Dominican State.

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