Naomi Campbell

Sofia, (EFE).- Sofia airport has announced that it will investigate whether Naomi Campbell She was subjected to discriminatory treatment for being black, after a British tabloid media published that the model felt that this was the reason why she was subjected to a search in the country’s access control last May.

“We sincerely regret Mrs Campbell’s negative experiences in Sofia. Today we have launched a full investigation into what happened,” the airport announced yesterday in a statement in response to the news that appeared in the tabloid. Daily Mail.

In that note, the airport administration assures that it will review the security videos and will speak with the employees who participated in the registry, and anticipates that the customs office has recalled that the control of passengers and luggage is part of its work and a process routine.

“The Customs Agency has not received any complaint from Mrs. Campbell or any of her representatives,” they told Efe today from the press office of the customs authority.

Naomi Campbell

Customs specified in a statement that Campbell’s belongings were searched and that he was subjected to a “routine” personal control, within the obligations of officials.

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According to the Daily Mail, Campbell, 52, arrived in Bulgaria on May 19 for a three-day photo shoot in Sofia.

In the arrivals terminal, the customs person registered her belongings, something that caused the supermodel to feel “annoyed” and that she was being controlled for being black, indicates that medium, which does not specify the source of her information.

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