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Last week we learned of the existence of Mafe Walker, a woman who claimed she was capable of speak in an alleged “alien language”. Who quickly became viral due to the peculiarity of the dialogue that he presented to the world in a Mexican TV show.

However, now they accuse that the woman would actually be using a dead language.

Mafer Walker, the woman who claims to speak in “alien language”, would be speaking in Sumerian or glossolalia

A tweeter identified as Ar-aelensures that Mafe Walker, the Colombian woman who went viral by speaking in “alien language” in an interview, actually I would be misleading people.

According to Concierto, through a Twitter thread, the young man, who claims to have studied Communication Sciences, explained where she would have learned this alleged language alien. And it is that this woman has appeared on television programs in Mexico and she has also published videos on TikTok.

“I investigated the language of the lady of galactic codes. she is mixing sumerian phrases acquired from a minicourse, either in Youtube or in some translated reference along with glossolalia. Be careful because with the Sumerian you don’t play«. The young man began to say, who assured that «some signatures are born from the Sumerian for angelic and demonic invocations.

Twitter: @arycarangi

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE), Glossolalia is a «unintelligible languagemade up of words invented and rhythmic and repetitive sequencestypical of children’s speech, and also common in trance states or in certain psychopathological conditions.

“You too can connect with aliens if you study dead languages ​​and rave in the other words«. He also ironized the user, sharing the video of a person who, he stated, «he does have studies in dead languages and teaches classes.

“In the end, the lady is exploiting her ignorance charging them for something they saw for free on YouTube for 3 years. He affirmed too.

To finish, the tweeter called the users to deny her and report her videos on TikTok as a retaliation. «She did not like that they have removed the mask“, said.

If you want to see the video of Mafer Walker speaking an alleged “alien language”, click here.

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