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The spokesperson for the block of senators of the People’s Force (FP), Dionis Sánchez, and the deputy of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Luis Henríquez described this morning as alarming that in less than two years of administration, President Luis Abinader has taken borrowed more than US$12 billion.

They also agreed that in reality it is unknown in what the authorities have invested so many resources because basic services remain precarious.

Dionis Sanchez

Yesterday the deputies approved two other loans for US$600 million. Of the loans, US$250 million will come from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the other US$350 million from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

“In relation to loans, it is a very strong concern that we as Dominicans are having because we are seeing how it is an issue without control, you do not see what they are doing,” he said.

He added that “and when once, like yesterday, it was approved to buy a vaccine US$3.5 more expensive than the ones that had been bought, which are supposed to be cheaper with the production chain at the moment, one calls concern, is that it is only borrowing money and they do not know the consequence of what that borrowed money means, that then the people have to pay it.”

Sanchez He said that the most unfortunate thing is that the loans that are being taken are not to solve fundamental problems of the country, such as increases in the products of the family basket or for national production.

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Luis Henriquez

The also representative of the People’s Force for the Pedernales province, said that the loans are not guaranteeing better citizen security.

Luis Enrique

On his side, Henríquez said that in almost two years the Abinader government cannot show a work built with its own resources.

“A government that in its almost two years the economic situation and the conditions in which Dominicans live has worsened does not deserve credit, so it is an Executive Power that does not deserve any kind of credibility,” he said.

He added that “the bad thing is that the National Congress has been seen as an accomplice of that distorted vision of borrowing a lot of money to waste it without the congressmen fulfilling their role of supervising the Executive Branch.”

Enrique believed that the legislators should demand that the Government explain what it has spent so much money on.

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He reported that from August 16, 2020 to date, the Government has contracted 31 loans, resources that, according to what he says, in most cases it is unknown what they spend them on.

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