This is what Yailin's new puppy costs The Most Viral

The Puerto Rican artist Anuel AA gave his new wife, the Dominican Yailin La Más Viral, a little companion: a new puppy of one of the smallest breeds in the world, who obviously came accompanied by jewelry, stuffed animals and more little gifts.

The new puppy that Anuel acquired is a Pomeranian. It is one of the most faithful pets that exist in the world of dogs. These pets live an average of 16 years and are characterized by their size that varies from 18 cm to 30 cm depending on their age and evolutionary stage.

They say that pets look like their owners and we know that Yailin likes the good life. That is why the feeding of the rapper’s little offspring is based on exclusive packaging from Royal Canin and Pro Plan.

Many of the famous have chosen this pet as their faithful companion. Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Paulina Rubio are just some of the names of the celebrities who love this type of canine.

The base value of the Pomeranian is estimated between 6,000 dollars. We do not know if Yailin would have received an adopted puppy with the same love, but we do know that Anuel would not shake his pulse to invest a few green bills for the happiness of his wife. Do you think they would be practicing to become parents?

YAILIN’s new puppy has already been painted…

Many will say that a puppy with these characteristics and care must be treated very delicately. Well, Yailin La Más Viral has already made her new puppy her first prank: painting it pink. Obviously the criticism rained down on him.

Although some did not see anything wrong with it, pet experts say that it is toxic to animals and could even cause blindness. Although there are vegetal paints suitable for pets, the possibility that it may cause allergies or injuries to their skin is not ruled out. Hopefully nothing happens to Yailin’s new puppy!

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