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Thomas Müller and his wife Lisa Müller are THE dream couple at FC Bayern Munich. Scandal-free, modest, but still childless. Many fans are eagerly awaiting baby news. Now Thomas Müller speaks plain language.

Bayern kicker Thomas Müller is considered one of the most likeable players in the German Bundesliga. He is often and happily referred to as a “ramp pig” or “joker”. But while there’s plenty to see from Thomas Müller on the pitch, intimate glimpses into his private life are rare. Unlike other footballers, he shares few private pictures on his social media channels. Even selfies with his wife Lisa Mueller are rare.

Thomas Müller: Private insights are rare

Even Lisa Müller has only been there since 2017 on Instagram to find. There she shares her greatest passion with her fans: horseback riding. Here, too, one searches in vain for private snapshots. But every now and then a couple selfie cheats between the pictures from the horse shows.

Are Thomas and his wife Lisa Müller planning a baby?

Thomas and Lisa Müller have been married since 2009. It is logical that there is no question about a baby. At the world premiere of the Apassionata show at the end of 2017 in Munich, the Müllers spoke to “Promiflash” about baby planning. “We are still married so young,” explained Lisa Müller and Thomas Müller added: “We are world champions in training.” This is once again confirmed: good things take time. Compared to the “Bunte” Thomas Müller said about the offspring planning: “Our animals are like our children and we have a lot of them that we can take care of …”

Lisa and Thomas Müller don’t want children yet

So it looks like a baby for Lisa Müller and Thomas Müller is not yet up for debate. But don’t panic, dear Müller fans: You can’t hear the biological clock ticking yet, because Lisa and Thomas Müller are both only 33 years old.

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