Thor 4 is set to be the shortest MCU film in years - and that doesn't fit with the character overkill at all

Chris Hemsworth in the leather outfit, Russell Crowe as Zeus and the Guardians of the Galaxy rascals. Thor 4: Love and Thunder is intended to be a unique Marvel fun. In another respect, the blockbuster is unprecedented even before the theatrical release. He is more revealing than any MCU film before it. That now indicates the US age rating.

Marvel cracker Thor 4 features more nudity than any MCU blockbuster before it

A report by according to the film, like all its MCU colleagues, received the US PG-13 rating (“Some content may be inappropriate for children under 13“). As with any rating of the Motion Picture Association However, the assessment is briefly justified. There it says in the case of Thor 4:

[Thor 4 erhält die Einstufung] PG-13 for intense scenes of sci-fi violence and action, diction, some salacious content and partial nudity.

Check out the trailer for Thor 4 here:

Thor: Love and Thunder – Trailer (German) HD


The “intense scenes […] force” appear more frequently in the MCU ratings. However, the “partial nudity“. There hasn’t been one since Iron Man ushered in the MCU in 2008. Nudity has not been represented in any previous rating. So far, only Eternals has been braver with its “short [Darstellung von] sexuality“.

One of the reasons for this assessment can already be found in the trailer. There Thor is accidentally robbed of all his clothes by Zeus and suddenly stands up to him in a mixture of bare skin and pixelation opposite to. In Germany, which is more liberal in this regard, this will probably not shock the FSK. Approval from the age of 12 is to be expected.

When will the MCU blockbuster Thor 4 with Chris Hemsworth be in cinemas?

Whether Hemsworth’s complete nudity is the only nude scene in Thor 4 is something fans will soon find out. The Marvel cracker is coming July 6, 2022 in the cinemas.

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