Three Japanimation classics not to be missed this summer on France.TV

Steamboy, Paprika and Liz & the blue bird are part of the special anime selection offered on the France Télévisions site.

In this summer of 2022, First offer you a Japanimation special edition. To know everything about the adaptations of cult manga One Piece, Dragon Ball Where evangelion, but also on the most beautiful animated films from Japan, go to newsstands… and on France.TV. ‘Cause all summer long the France Télévisions site shares a selection of 8 works majors of the genre. We’ve selected three below, along with rave reviews from the editorial staff.

Japanimation in all its forms: the special edition of Première n°18

Paprikaof Satoshi Konreleased in 2006

In the future, a new psychotherapeutic treatment named PT has been invented. Thanks to a machine, the DC Mini, it is possible to enter the dreams of patients, and record them in order to probe the depths of thought and the unconscious. While the process is still in its test phase, one of the DC Mini prototypes is stolen, creating a wave of panic among the scientists who developed this little revolution. In the wrong hands, such an invention could indeed have devastating results. Dr. Atsuko Chiba, colleague of the inventor of the DC Mini, Dr. Tokita, decides, under the guise of her sassy alter-ego Paprika, to venture into the world of dreams to find out who has seized of the DC Mini and why. She discovers that Dr. Tokita’s assistant, Himuro, has disappeared…

The opinion of First : With this film in the form of an anthology, the director completes a cycle begun with Perfect Blue (98) and continued with Millennium Actress (01). Adapting a popular novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, he found in the exploration of dreams an ideal framework to decline his favorite registers (melo, thriller, SF) and establish correspondences between reality and illusion. Despite the complexity of the plot, the split personalities and other layers of contaminated dreams, you are never lost. Visually, 3D and 2D images mingle with unprecedented fluidity. And, once again, the precision of the visions gives the impression that this story could have been shot in live action.

steamboy, of Katsuhiro Otomoreleased in 2004

In 1851, in Victorian England, Ray, a gifted boy, manages to master a new ultra-powerful and devastating invention and will use it to fight against the forces of evil, save his family and London from destruction. .

The opinion of First : The film, through its scrupulous attention to materials (vapours, smoke) and mechanics (gears, pistons, belts), its attention paid to textures and architectures bathed in a melancholy autumnal tonality, its sets designed with hallucinating realism, or even its deluge of delusional inventions linked to the theme of steam, works an aesthetic in which the gaze merges, drowns to the point of intoxication. (…) Steamboy is also a metaphor. Otomo keeps crafting a world with sick thoroughness only to destroy it. Between doing and undoing, man thus finds himself the master of a new power that escapes him and pushes him towards chaos. Everything goes through technique, mechanics, the machine, from the land to the sea up to a flying and demented cathedral that one would think drawn by Gaudi. Man can conquer everything and thus destroy everything. This philosophical approach to creation, a veritable aesthetic palimpsest on progress and its excesses, Steamboy brings it to life through its deluge of perfect forms which gradually drift towards their annihilation.
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Liz and the Bluebird, of Naoko Yamadareleased in 2019

Nozomi is an outgoing and very popular young woman with her classmates, doubled as a talented flautist. Mizore, more discreet and shy, plays the oboe. Mizore feels very close and dependent on Nozomi, whom she loves and admires. She fears that the end of their last year of high school will also be the end of their story, between musical rivalry and admiration. The 2 friends are preparing to perform as a duo for the Kita Uji high school musical competition. When their orchestra begins to work on the music of Liz and ein Blauer Vogel (Liz and the Blue Bird), Nozomi and Mizore believe they see in this bucolic work the reflection of their teenage story.

The opinion of First : Director Naoko Yamada (Silent Voice) thwarts with extreme skill what one would expect from this subject. The competition will end in the background: what counts for the two musicians and friends will be to agree to play the fairest, the truest, and not “better” or “louder than the others”. . No talk about the need to be the best in class / high school / in the world to achieve. No marshmallow on the relationship between the tale of the blue bird and real life, no clumsy dialectic on the art that inspires the life that inspires art. If there is a dialectic, it is between the realization with accents of impressionist watercolor and the music – and the hyper-realistic sounds, like the rain and the sound of footsteps – by Kensuke Ushio. One is inspired by the other, and vice versa.
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The Janapimation special selection from France.TV can be seen here until August 31, 2022

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