Ticiane Pinheiro reveals that she gave up her third child after a problem

One of the most beloved presenters of Brazilian televisionTiciane Pinheiro, is always discreet in personal life. But during the podcast Pod Delas, the journalist decided to tell a little about her pregnancy and revealed some details.

At 46 years old, the famous, who is already the mother of two girls: Rafaella Justus, daughter of ex-husband Roberto Justus, and Manuella, the result of a relationship with journalist César Tralli, said that she tried to have a third child, but that she was unable to adapt to the procedures.



“When I had my second daughter, César wanted one more. I went to the doctor, and I didn’t understand any more of what the doctor said. We gave up, and I let life take me. I think my head blocked it because I didn’t want to learn”, he joked.

She also said that for a woman to undergo the procedures, it is necessary that her mental health is up to date, because the steps are complicated. “You have to be very focused to do a treatment like this, which is delicate”, said.

The presenter of Hoje em Dia added that having children is having double work, so the arrival of another heir would be complicated at this point in the championship.

“As I already have two [filhas] and I work a lot, to start this I would have to be focused. If it’s something you really want, you have to dedicate yourself, and I wasn’t in that vibe. I don’t think I’ll ever be in that vibe again. I’m fine with my two, and today César is too”, she concluded.

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Ticiane Pinheiro talks about first with César Tralli

Still on the podcast, Ticiane told how César Tralli managed to win you over. With less than a year separated from Roberto Justus, the presenter said that she met the journalist at the hairdresser.

“The girl who worked there was saying that her cell phone had been stolen and she was super sad. I just see Cesar getting up from his chair and saying: ‘Pri, how much is the new cell phone? You can buy it and I’ll give it to you’. And I thought the guy’s attitude was beautiful. I found it interesting. I didn’t think about taking it, nothing. But I thought his attitude was beautiful, I thought it was cute”, he began.

The beautician commented that the global asked for the contact of Record’s contractor. After the number, César took about 15 days to call the blonde and, with that delay, Ticiane ended up falling in love right away.

“I was uncomfortable going with him because everyone knows him, knows me…”, he said. In that meeting, César did not kiss her and that made Ticiane upset, but the connection of her lips came to happen days later: “That day we stayed. Finally, but it took a while. It was just one kiss. Everything went very slowly. But it was pretty cool.”

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