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The blocs of senators from the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) and Revolucionario Moderno (PRM) parties rejected this morning the statement from the United States embassy, ​​which states that in the country people are discriminated against because of the color of their skin .

While the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, called for moderation and called the statement from the United States embassy exaggerated.

Senators Dionis Sánchez and Franklin Romero, from the FP and PRM, respectively, coincided in defining the statements made by the US embassy regarding Dominican immigration policy as an infamy.

“Look, it is a way of blackmailing the Dominican Republic so that it does not do what they do, not as drastic, nor as harsh, nor as abusive as they did who kicked Haitian immigrants with horses, we have never been capable of mistreating , they are a number of Haitians who are not legal in the country. It is a right that we have as a sovereign country that we are to say who is there and who is not,” Sánchez said.

the PRM
On his side, Romero, official spokesman in the Senate of the Republic, said that the country is the one that best treats Haitians, “including that at this time we are the economic support of thousands of these nationals.”

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“We could say that these are statements out of place, because we are a country of mulattoes and if it were true that we discriminate based on skin color, we would also be discriminating against ourselves,” said the Perreme legislator.

Alfredo Pacheco
He said that according to our immigration laws, all Haitians living in the Dominican Republic illegally must go to their country.

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Tildan of “infamy” document USA 4

“The statement seems a bit exaggerated, perhaps out of context and that it does not exactly reflect the veracity of what is happening in the Dominican Republic and that is that we are carrying what we have denounced for a long time that we should not carry, which is with the Haitian brothers, we love them very much, but they must make their lives in the place where they belong on the island,” Pacheco said. He added that we have a reality and that is that we have to live together on this island.

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