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Christina Fernandez,
Vice President of Argentina.-
She may be graceful, but in the meantime she will have to face the charges of illicit association in court by awarding 51 public works contracts irregularly during her term as president (2007-2015). The process is a warning against current and former public officials.

Francisca of the Cross

Francesca de la Cruz,
Director of Psychology and Educational Guidance.-
You can’t blame the portfolio of the case of the young girls who heated up the networks by appearing dancing in intimate clothes in a school. In the midst of a crisis of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat overwhelms society, it must also be reviewed. But the case suggests reinforcing the rules to prevent scandals that bother the population.

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Jorge Asjana David

Jorge Asjana David,
Former UASD rector candidate.-
He ratified his civic qualities and his democratic vocation with the nobility with which he accepted the results of the votes for the rectory of the UASD. Without alleging irregularities or complaining, before concluding the count he had the courtesy to congratulate his opponent. His gesture is very valuable.

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