Today on TV: fantasy masterpiece with zombies, dragons and orcs, next to the current blockbuster seem boring

Note: We have already published the following article in a similar form and reworked it in a revised form due to the current TV broadcast of Sucker Punch.

Even the opening sequence from Sucker Punch is on audiovisual event, which is far too rarely seen in comparable mainstream blockbusters in such a frenzy of style. Director Zack Snyder stages the beginning of the story, in which the protagonist defends herself against her drunken stepfather after the death of her mother and is committed to a mental institution, like a classy music video.

Despite the strong aestheticization, this part is still most closely connected to the reality of the film and at most indicates how much Snyder feels for his staged fantasy will then be allowed to run free. Sucker Punch, which airs today at 10:05 p.m. on Kabel Eins, is only 11 years old. Nevertheless, given today’s blockbuster landscape, the film is already nostalgic.

Watch another clip from Sucker Punch here:

Sucker Punch – Clip 2


As a blockbuster free pass, Sucker Punch is an exception

In the years leading up to Sucker Punch, ex-commercialist Snyder earned a reputation as an excessive stylist with crafty films like Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen. At the same time, he coined a completely new comic film aestheticswhich has often been imitated.

Nevertheless, the director polarized with his style, which many consider mere Style over substance criticized, and was not necessarily a box office hit guarantor. With a budget of around 130 million dollars and worldwide revenues of under $200 million For example, Watchmen was not a success.

That Snyder was subsequently paid over $80 million by Warner Bros. and complete creative freedom for Sucker Punch borders on the miraculous, especially today. While Sucker Punch was the director’s first film not based on an existing comic book or film, it feels all the more like a logical culmination of Snyder’s irrepressible style.

In the story, the protagonist Babydoll (Emily Browning) loses herself in different narrative levels. What is reality, imagination or pipe dream is becoming increasingly blurred. The director uses this game with the escape into fantasy, but above all an exuberant juggling with elements from recent pop culture history. Monstrous samurai fighters, World War Zombies, dragon and orcs Snyder twirls on the edge of video game aesthetics in massive action set pieces.

sucker Punch

In the current blockbuster landscape, which is characterized by franchise chains and cinematic universe brands like the MCU, Sucker Punch seems like an exotic exception today. Snyder provocatively puts his exceptional film in between Pop Lolita fetish and feminist liberation on.

That such a generously budgeted studio film can shoot freely with such a personal style and at the same time great potential for discussion made possible is now hardly conceivable. Blockbusters like Sucker Punch are simply missing.

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