Today on TV: One of the best horror films ever, whose series is really being continued after 11 years

Good horror slashers were in short supply in the 2000s. They got by with remakes of classics or crossovers like Freddy vs Jason. A bright spot in the entire horror sky was that Final Destination series, which began its glorious run at the beginning of the millennium and made it to number 4 on our list of the best slashers. It should now be more than 20 years after part 1 and 11 years after part 5 actually move on. Today Final Destination is on TV, below we go to the sequel plans a.

What is Final Destination about?

Final Destination – Trailer (German)


It all started with a school trip to Paris. On the plane to France, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) is suddenly startled. In a vision he saw the approaching fatal plane crash. In a panic, he flees the plane and a few other passengers with him. The journey begins without the crippled group, but they still see from the airport window as the plane explodes. There are no survivors, only those who followed Alex. But your life is not yet saved. One person after another perishes through strangely constructed deaths. The Grim Reaper takes what was taken from him.

Final Destination 6 is coming, the horror universe continues to grow

According to this ingenious and easily reproducible formula, 4 further films were released in the cinemas at regular intervals.

All previous Final Destination parts

In 2011 the series came to an abrupt end and nothing happened for a long time, although plans kept flaring up. Earlier this year we learned that Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts is on board to produce Part 6. A little later reported Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick to speak, who is also involved in part 6. He made it clear that Final Destination 6 breaks the rules – which is probably a good idea after 5 movies that have pretty much deadened the concept.

That’s what it sounds like new direction for the next film in the franchise at Reddick:

I can reveal that it’s not just a different kind of ‘We form a group of people, they cheat death and then death catches up to them’ and there’s a little twist that we kind of added to each film that to change it a bit, this is… a real Final Destination movie, but he doesn’t follow that kind of formulathat we have set up.

Preparations for Final Destination 6 are currently underway, but there is no launch date yet. Only one would be realistic Release in 2024.

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