Today there's O Rei do Gado

This Thursday, the 24th, Brazil will make its World Cup debut. The showing of the match against Serbia will cause changes in Globo’s afternoon schedule, which will no longer show Vale a Pena Ver De Novo in some regions. Today there is O Rei do Gado, according to the programming made available by the broadcaster, but only in some states.

Today there’s O Rei do Gado in Vale a Pena Ver De Novo?

The rerun of O Rei do Gado continues on Globo’s schedule in some regions of Brazil, but the plot does not appear on the schedule of some affiliates.

In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for example, the story of Bruno Mezenga (Antônio Fagundes) continues on the grid at 6 pm, Brasília time, when the transmission of the Brazil x Serbia match will end. Rei do Gado also appears on the programming of Globo Brasília, Minas Gerais and Northeast, at the same time.

However, the soap opera will not be shown on some of the broadcaster’s affiliates throughout Brazil. In the Midwest, Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial does not appear on the programming of TV Morena, in Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. Due to the time difference, the transmission of the match ends at 5:35 pm, local time, and will be followed by Mar do Sertão.

With the start of the World Cup in Qatar, Globo changed the grid to show all the games of the world football championship. O Encontro, Mais Você, the special edition of Chocolate com Pimenta and Sessão da Tarde temporarily left the air, while Jornal Hoje started to be shown later.

Rei do Gado is also starting later than usual. There were no changes to the night’s schedule. Mar do Sertão starts at 6:35 pm, Brasília time, followed by Praça TV and Cara e Coragem, as usual.

Summary of today’s telenovela O Rei do Gado, 11/24

The summary of this Thursday’s O Rei do Gado chapter is also available on the broadcaster’s schedule. Today, Marieta (Glória Pires) will arrive at Geremias’ (Raul Cortez) farm.

The episode begins with Marcos (Fábio Assunção) demanding explanations from his mother Léia (Silvia Pfeifer) and says that if she has someone, he’ll kill her. Madame will also complain to the children about Bruno’s constant absences, who prefers cattle to his family.

At Geremias’ farm, the Italian will take pride in milk production. Fausto (Jairo Mattos) will plan the creation of the foundation after Geremias dies.

Ralf (Oscar Magrini) will receive the news that Léia has filed for divorce and will be happy, interested only in his lover’s money. The scoundrel will encourage her not to allow herself to leave the marriage without taking half of her husband’s cattle.

Still in today’s chapter, the farce of Rafaela/Marieta will begin. The girl will arrive at Geremias’ farm and introduce herself as his niece, claiming to be the girl who fell from the truck.

Zé do Araguaia (Stênio Garcia) will tell the boss about the story of Luana (Patrícia Pillar). Ralf will comment to Marieta that Léia is stupid and that she will inherit her cattle.

Whose son is Bruno Mezenga?
Bruno Mezenga (Antonio Fagundes); today there is the king of cattle – photo: reproduction/rede globo

This Thursday, Globo broadcasts four football matches during its programming.

06:40 – Switzerland v Cameroon
09h45 – Uruguay vs Korea
12h40 – Portugal vs Ghana
15:30 – Brazil vs Serbia

Group stage games are always shown at the same time. The matches only undergo changes from the start of the knockout phase, scheduled to start on December 3rd. The duels between the classifieds will air at 12h and 16h, Brasilia time.

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