Tomorrow belongs to us: a famous French actress joins the cast!

A new character will arrive in Tomorrow belongs to us in January 2023, as revealed by Télé Loisirs this Wednesday, November 23. But who is it? Télé Star tells you more.

Since 2017, TF1 viewers have been following the adventures of the characters from tomorrow belongs to us. The daily soap opera is unanimous since the twists, the romantic relationships and the more surprising intrigues than the others are linked together. There were also many departures but also arrivals. As revealed by Télé Loisirs this Wednesday, November 23, a new character will land in January 2023. This will be embodied by Valérie Kaprisky, revealed to the general public in The year of the jellyfish in 1984. The media explains that she will play the role of Muriel Faure and she will be linked to another character who has become emblematic, François. This is the French teacher, played by Emmanuel Moire. This plot will aim to evoke the past of the one who shares Charlie’s life and learn more, especially about his childhood. Why did she come and disrupt François’ daily life? How will the principal concerned react when he sees her arrive? Will her relationship with Charlie end?

Fans of the daily soap opera will ask a lot of questions about the arrival of Muriel Faure, played by Valérie Kaprisky, next January. What is his goal ? Télé Loisirs explains that it will be linked to François’ past since it is the ex-mistress of the French teacher’s father. Facts that date back to thirty years since François was only 13 years old when his father, Alain, left the family home. A hasty departure for which he never gave any explanation. Moreover, he did not wish to renew contact with his son thereafter and François is therefore no news from him for all these years. However, the arrival of Muriel Faure will upset the daily life of Charlie’s companion since she could make very unexpected revelations to him about his father. Where is Alain? Is he still alive? Will François find him and reconnect with him? We will have to wait until January 2023 to have the answers to these questions.

Tomorrow belongs to us: why is the soap opera not broadcast?

This is sad news that was announced to the faithful a few days ago. With the broadcast of the matches of the French team for the 2022 Football World Cup, the chain must have turned its grids upside down. Thus, if the series Here it all starts is still broadcast on a daily basis, this is not the case with tomorrow belongs to us who said goodbye for a few weeks. The last episode ends with a party that turns into a nightmare as all the characters collapse. But what happened? What happened to them? The answer on December 19during the big return of the series to the antenna.

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