Tomorrow belongs to us: this big change for the next season

While the hearings of Tomorrow belongs to us are running out of steam slightly, the production has decided to make a big change for next season.

It’s been almost five years since viewers fell in love with the show tomorrow belongs to us. A major success since a fiction derived from the latter was born: Here it all starts. However, TF1 realized that audiences were starting to run out of steam. Thus, some changes will have to see the light of day for the next season of the series. In an article published by The Parisian, General Manager Vincent Meslet, of Newen France, the production company, wanted to talk about the few upheavals what will know Tomorrow belongs to us. “We go back to basics, with thrillers, intergenerational intrigues, all anchored in Sète”, he confided.

And if for many years, the key to the success of tomorrow belongs to us was the constant change of actors, this time, the production promised to calm down : “It would probably have been worth making the changes more gradually”he explains, pointing out that “The next season is going towards stabilization. There will be few new characters.” This is a huge change for the successful series broadcast on TF1. A way to go back to basics and focus on the puzzles rather than the casting.

A very gripping plot

And it must be said that at the moment the plot is very gripping. Viewers discovered the immense pain felt by Léa’s relatives, who learned that her body had been found. At the police station, Charlie will thus declare that he never saw Léa in front of Karim, somewhat annoyed. While the latter threatens to put her in custody, Charlie will eventually confess to having participated in a clandestine party within the school itself. During this evening, the establishment had caught fire… But one thing is clear in Charlie’s head: Léa’s murderer would be Bart. Case to follow.


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