Top Gun meets Marvel: First trailer for action banger based on a true story

Since May, Glen Powell has been stalking Top Gun: Maverick as scene stealer Hangman alongside Tom Cruise. The best action film of the year is not Powell’s only foray into the air. He already has the next aviator film in the pipeline, in which he goes to the Korean War with Loki star Jonathan Majors. In the first trailer you can get an impression of Devotion.

Check out the trailer for Devotion here:

Devotion – Trailer (English) HD


Marvel star Jonathan Majors plays a famous aviator

Jonathan Majors, who was introduced as Kang the Conquerer in the MCU series Loki, plays Jesse L. Brown in Devotion. The young man from a poor background grows up in the segregated southern United States. In times of racial segregation, he succeeds in completing his studies and being admitted to Navy training for flight officers, which he is the first African American to complete. Glen Powell plays his wingman, Tom Hudner, who flew sorties with Brown in the Korean War.

In the trailer the Focus on the flight scenes laid, which are certainly not meant to remind you of Top Gun: Maverick. But we don’t expect a pure action spectacle, like Glen Powell did Entertainment Weekly explained: “These two films really couldn’t be more different. But at the same time, I think they go together beautifully in terms of Navy aviation heritage.”

Real planes from the period were used for some scenes and the actors had to take to the skies like in Top Gun, which Jonathan Majors described as follows:

You know, get on a plane, try to eat lunch, hold breakfast, sweat like crazy, pass out while flying […]. They asked me: ‘Are you feeling bad?’ ‘Yes, I’m sick as a dog.‘ ‘Do you want to go back down?’ ‘ No, I don’t want to go down. Go on.’ Because you want the experience.

When is Devotion in cinemas?

In the USA, the war film will start in cinemas on November 23, 2022. There is no German date yet.

Directed by JD Dillard (Sleight), the cast also includes Christina Jackson (Boardwalk Empire) and Joe Jonas (Camp Rock). The screenplay was based on the book Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice by author Adam Makos.

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