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Camila Morgado’s character in the TV Globo remake, Madeleine’s sister gets involved with some pedestrians throughout the plot. Known as “talarica” ​​by the fans of the attraction, she has already stayed with her brother-in-law, in addition to being interested in José Lucas and even adding a romance with Trindade. After all, after so many romances, who is the Irma of Pantanal with? Check out what will still happen in the 2022 soap opera, if the events of the original version of Manchete are repeated by author Bruno Luperi.

Who is Irma with in the soap opera Pantanal?

Irma stays with José Lucas de Nada at the end of the novel Pantanal. In the original 1990 scenes, the duo’s romance moves forward after Irma gives birth to the child she was expecting from Trindade. The guitar player who has a pact with the devil is present on the day of delivery and assists in the birth of the child, but shortly afterwards leaves. Before hitting the road, he asks Zé Lucas to take care of Irma and the baby, which brings the duo closer.

As passion grows between them, Zé Lucas asks Irma to marry him and the two end the serial as engaged. José Leôncio’s heir becomes the stepfather of Trindade’s son, who never returns, and starts to raise the child with Irma.

Before in the plot, Irma and Zé Lucas had already been involved, but the romance had not worked. Madeleine’s sister was very dazzled by Zé Lucas’ resemblance to her father José Leôncio, who had been a great passion of Irma for years, and the cattle king’s heir was obsessed with Juma. Zé Lucas was not happy with the comparisons with his father and had difficulties getting Juma out of his mind, which made the duo leave.

In the meantime, Irma ends up involved with Trindade and Zé Lucas tries to stay with Juma. After failing to win over his brother’s girlfriend, Zé Lucas also gets involved with Erika, a journalist who goes to the swamp to work.

The young woman leaves the place after the brief romance, but returns shortly after saying that she is pregnant with Zé Lucas. About to marry Erika, Zé Lucas gives up on the wedding when he discovers that the pregnancy is not real.

Why do Trindade and Irma separate?

Irma and Trindade’s relationship begins to crumble when Mariana’s daughter goes against the guitarist’s requests. He wanted her not to go to Rio de Janeiro and not consult a doctor about the pregnancy, as her pact with the devil did not allow such a thing. However, Irma goes to a doctor anyway.

Upon discovering everything, Trindade accuses her of betraying her trust and she regrets it. Irma asks for forgiveness, but it’s too late. Trindade informs him that she feels the enchantment has been broken and that he would soon be forced to leave the swamp. And that ends up happening, shortly after in the plot, the violist silently says goodbye to Irma and leaves without a trace.

Irma remains in love with the pawn and hopes he will return to meet her son. On the day of delivery, the woman experiences complications, but Trindade appears and delivers her own child. After that, he leaves for good.

Some time later, when she is already involved with Zé Lucas, who is the one Irma stays with in the swamp, Madeleine’s sister says that she forgot Trindade and that now her heart belongs only to José Leôncio’s son.

Irma lives romance with
Trindade, but it is with Zé Lucas that she stays at the end of Pantanal – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Who gets who at the end of the novel

At the end of the novel Pantanal, Irma stays with Zé Lucas and three marriages take place. Some couples remain happier than ever and others suffer the brunt of loss.

Zé Leoncio and Filo: the couple gets married and is about to have their happy ending when the cattle king passes away. One day after the ceremony that made the union official, José Leôncio has a massive heart attack and does not survive. Filó remains faithful to her lover and doesn’t stay with anyone else until the final moments of the feuilleton.

Juma and Jove: already married for some time, the end of Juma and Jove is happy. They are still together and also have a daughter to raise. In the last chapter, the novel jumps in time by a few years and the couple’s heiress appears older in a conversation with the old man from the river. The girl reveals that she turns into a jaguar when she is angry, just like her mother.

Thaddeus and Zefa: in the last chapter of the novel, the couple goes up to the altar. Tadeu was not a big fan of the idea of ​​“tying up”, but he gives in and ends up getting married. The couple exchange vows of love at the party that marks the celebration of the ceremony, at the Leôncios’ farm, and promise never to separate.

Guta and Marcelo: after they discover that they are not real brothers, Guta and Marcelo are free to be happy in peace. The duo gets married in the last chapter of the soap opera pantanal, during the ceremony of Tadeu and Zefa and José Leôncio and Filó. They also end the soap opera as parents.

Muda and Tiberius: Muda and Tiberio’s wedding takes place on the same day as Juma and Jove, shortly after the middle of the novel. However, the couple goes through many crises due to Muda’s thirst for revenge, and even separates throughout the serial. However, at the end of the novel Pantanal, Muda regrets it and the couple reconciles. The two are together and happy.

Alcides and Maria Bruaca: the couple stay together after Tenório’s death and leave the swamp behind. Without saying goodbye, the couple takes the boat and leaves for Sarandi, in Paraná. After being the target of Tenório’s revenge, Alcides celebrates when he discovers that the castration didn’t work and remains a “whole man”.

The main couple of the novel, Jove and Juma come to separate, but then resume romance:

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