TPMP: a new columnist asks Didier Raoult a question and creates enormous unease

This Thursday, May 5, Cyril Hanouna received Professor Didier Raoult on the set of TPMP. The opportunity for the infectious disease specialist to present his book, to discuss the Covid-19 but also to answer questions from columnists. Among these, a remark from Anissa, the show’s new columnist, created a little discomfort on the set, which did not fail to make Internet users react.

For a few days, Do not touch My TV has to deal with the absence of Kelly Vedovelli. To make up for his absence, Cyril Hanouna therefore decided to call on Anissawho is none other than the daughter of Cécile, candidate for the fifth season of Married at first sight. And for her arrival, the 19-year-old young woman did not fail to get noticed.

This Thursday, May 5, Professor Didier Raoult was invited on the C8 program to discuss the Covid 19 health crisis and the vaccination campaign at length. Author of a brand new book, he has also agreed to address conspiracy, variants of the virus or even the adverse effects of the vaccine observed in certain patients. And the infectiologist also played the game by answering the questions from columnists present around the table.

Anissa mocked by Internet users

At this time, Cyril Hanouna therefore asked Anissa, a native of Marseille like Professor Raoult, if she had a question. And the latter’s remark somewhat surprised the other speakers. “Are you the one in the Algerino clip?”, wished to know the young woman. A question that caused hilarity around the set. A little disturbed by this question, Didier Raoult did not immediately grasp the question. It is finally the humor Greg Guillotin, present at his side who answered Anissa: “No, it’s not him, it’s a look-alike”. Indeed, in the clip The star on the shirt – performed by the Marseille collective Organized Band, which brings together many rappers including L’Algérino, Alonzo, Sch or even Jul – we discover a lookalike of the controversial doctor from Marseille. A fake Raoult who appears dealing chloroquine at the bottom of a building when L’Algérino raps: “In Marseille, they sell hash and Chloroquine”can we hear the artist in particular in the song.

But the intervention of Anissa did not fail to react to Internet users, who reacted strongly on social networks. And they were not tender with the young woman. “Annoying the girl Anissa”, “Bug, Anissa! She doesn’t know what a look-alike is. I can’t take it anymore…”, “No but Anissa please what the hell is she doing. It’s emptiness”, “Anissa is the interstellar void .. as soon as she speaks it’s unease and not even funny anymore. Worse and worse”we could for example read on Twitter.


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